150 Questions to Get to Know your Interlocutor or Interlocutor Better!

by Carter Toni

What to talk about with a girl, friends or strangers? What deep, smart and interesting questions can I ask my interlocutor to learn better? Interesting topics will help you have fun and get close. A list of topics for talking to anyone. These are not so much questions as excellent topics for an interesting conversation, allowing you to break the ice and open up to each other. This is how they find girls, friends and good friends. What to talk about? Are the topics over yet? A list of great topics for an engaging conversation. When an awkward silence hangs, these tips will come in handy. Save as a bookmark for every fireman.

150 New and Interesting Questions To Ask Your Crush

Questions to get to know each other better

  1. The most beloved, bright and cheerful childhood memory?
  2. What amuses and laughs you the most?
  3. What three things about you will surprise me?
  4. What should be considered normal and should be allowed?
  5. What do people not know about you?
  6. What are you looking forward to in the future?
  7. Do you have a secret ability?
  8. What do you do at home when there is nobody and nothing to do?
  9. What are you thinking now?
  10. Where and by whom do you see yourself in 5 years? And in 10 years?
  11. Do you listen more to the voice of the heart or mind?
  12. Do you have a second half? Don’t you or just don’t want to?
  13. Tell me the most important things to yourself in a minute?
  14. What turns you on and likes you in the opposite field?
  15. What were your nicknames or have?
  16. What goal and dream are you working on now?
  17. What is the most proud thing in life?
  18. What bad habits are there?
  19. What pisses you off for no reason?
  20. What does your dream vacation look like?
  21. Who is your hero, idol and standard?
  22. What hobby do you have or what hobby do you dream of?
  23. What do you dream to convey to this world?
  24. If it were necessary to change the name, what would it be?
  25. What were your plans for the future, profession and dreams in childhood?
  26. What do you think, first of all, in the morning and before going to bed?
  27. Why do you work in today’s field?
  28. What does an ideal soul mate look like?
  29. Who has had the greatest influence in life?
  30. To be a celebrity in what area and how?
  31. What genre of films / books / music is your favorite?
  32. Favorite movie / book / music?
  33. Does life after death exist?
  34. Who are you?
  35. Was someone secretly in love with you?
  36. The next travel destination?
  37. What do you hate?
  38. What is your favorite sport?
  39. What event changed your life radically?
  40. Who do you dream to have dinner with?
  41. What caused the tears last time?
  42. What do you want to change in yourself?
  43. The biggest achievement in life?
  44. How do you keep yourself fit?
  45. How can your acquaintances and friends describe you?
  46. ​​What did your first love and love look like?
  47. In what profession or role do you dream to try yourself?
  48. What is your favorite sound, smell, sensation?
  49. How long do you think you live?
  50. Sunrise or sunset? Summer or winter? Night or day? Cat or dog?
  51. The most pleasant and most terrible memory?
  52. What are the relationships with family and loved ones?
  53. How many shoes, clothes and things do you have?
  54. What are the scars and how did they appear?
  55. Who knows you better than anyone?
  56. How do you feel about politics?
  57. What do you consider the most important thing in life?
  58. What is your favorite holiday?
  59. Who is your best friend or girlfriend?
  60. What is your favorite meal that you can eat for the rest of your life?
  61. An ideal place to live on the planet? Where do you want to live?
  62. What should people know about you when meeting?
  63. What is the sexiest part of your body?
  64. What character traits seem interesting in the second half?
  65. What is your favorite movie villain?
  66. What is the meaning of life?
  67. Do you believe in aliens, extraterrestrial life forms and mysticism?
  68. Do you collect anything?
  69. What can you say about past relationships?
  70. What are our similarities and goals?
  71. Which people do you most admire?
  72. Do you talk to yourself when no one is around?
  73. How do you evaluate your past?
  74. How do you deal with anger, irritation, or depression?
  75. What experience do you want to gain and repeat?
  76. How do you spend a million dollars won in a lottery?
  77. What are you most afraid of?
  78. What do you pay attention to when meeting a person?
  79. The biggest regret?
  80. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  81. Do you like to sleep without clothes, walk around the house or sunbathe on the beach?
  82. What prevents the most in life?
  83. Your five most strengths and five most weaknesses?
  84. What book are you reading now?
  85. What role does sex play in relationships?
  86. Do you like surprises and surprises?
  87. What hero or heroine are you in the series “Game of Thrones”?
  88. What should I take to a desert island?
  89. What do you like to think about?
  90. How many friends do you have?
  91. Have there been any violations of the law?
  92. How do you prefer to have fun?
  93. How important is career and family?
  94. What is your main passion in life?
  95. At what age do you feel?
  96. Do you like romance?
  97. What were the craziest and most interesting things in life?
  98. Are the good and bad guys better?
  99. What do you value more about comfort or adventure?
  100. The best and worst gift received?
  101. What is your favorite alcohol?
  102. How was the performance at school and university?
  103. What do you think of the opposite field?
  104. What do perfect day and night look like?
  105. What are you looking for and expecting from the following relationships?
  106. What do you think about tattoos and what do you want to fill?
  107. Does the end justify the means?
  108. What do you usually lie about?
  109. What do you want to say with your clothes to people?
  110. What fears and phobias are available?
  111. Do you believe in friendship men and women?
  112. If you die in a year, what will you do in the remaining time?
  113. What do you dream of changing in life?
  114. What hobbies and hobbies were in childhood?
  115. In what place do you feel most comfortable and cozy?
  116. What sexual fantasy attracts?
  117. What do you want to change in the past?
  118. Do you believe in God, religion and reincarnation?
  119. Imagine that you work in a circus. Who are you?
  120. The most daring and desperate act in life?
  121. Is the glass half full or half empty?
  122. What is your favorite quote or saying?
  123. What animal do you associate yourself with?
  124. Do you believe in zodiac signs and compatibility?
  125. What is your relationship with your ex?
  126. What is the most awkward moment happened to you?
  127. What is happiness in your understanding?
  128. Do you like compliments and how often do you receive?
  129. Sex before the wedding?
  130. How do you raise your spirits?
  131. Do you choose high intelligence or beauty?
  132. Do you like to cook and what is your crown dish?
  133. Favorite subject at school or university?
  134. What do you think I should know about you?
  135. How does the day begin and end?
  136. How much do you dream of having children?
  137. What is ideal sex and relationships?
  138. Do you like to dominate relationships or obey?
  139. Is it fair to take revenge on enemies or is it better to forgive?
  140. What do you want to try interesting in life?
  141. Favorite sweets and fruits?
  142. What do you value most in people?
  143. What caused the separation in a past relationship?
  144. What books, films or people have changed your worldview?
  145. What do you dream to try to do, but are you still afraid?
  146. With whom is the greatest affection?
  147. Do you like to follow emotions and passions?
  148. What makes happy in life?
  149. Do you love your appearance?
  150. 150. What is love?

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