The Main Services Offered By A Digital Marketing Company

by BuzRush Staff

Nowadays, the business world is constantly evolving, as we are in full swing of the digital age. Many of the strategies that are made in the off-line world, that is, outside the use of the Internet, can be applied digitally so that each company can be closer to its followers and interact with them.

The high demand for companies that are including digital strategies to their business plan, has led to the emergence of companies specialized in Digital Marketing Company. There are the variety of services that will allow a brand to reach its audience efficiently and in an innovative way, which currently lives on the new things that appear on the Internet through its computers or mobile devices.

At Licreative Technologies, Digital Specialization Center, we have registered a list of the various services that a Digital Marketing Company offers to the market and learn more about those services.

Inbound Marketing

It is the methodology that is responsible for creating creative content through the monitoring of LEADS, which would become forms, and thus organically achieve high traffic, since the content created will be of interest to the target audience. These LEADS are also used to give knowledge about the brand and thus win loyal customers, this can be done through mailing. Content Marketing, which is the art of understanding exactly what the client wants, is within this strategy.

With a Diploma in Inbound Marketing and Content, you will learn to improve your brand image, through interesting, useful and personalized content. Which will help you renew your reputation and visibility before your Target, improving your search engine positioning?

Return on Investment Analysis (ROI)

The ROI allows you to evaluate the profitability of a strategy, as it tells you if your investment is becoming a profit. There are programs on the Internet that allow you to accurately measure the results that a campaign is having.

Web Analytics

Applying Web Analytics, the company will be able to know the statistics and results of its online site. It is important to note that this does not serve to measure traffic, it only serves to make improvements within the web, such as, for example, optimizing the website so that the content loads faster or makes the user faster to reach the information that The company wants to publicize.

Mobile apps

The creation of these applications helps a company to approach its customers, since they turn their smartphones into communication channels, making the information closer to them. In this way, customer loyalty is achieved, since they feel they have facilities to interact with the brand.

PPC, Pay Per Click campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is a very efficient way to advertise online, and it is convenient for companies to be economical since it is only paid if the user clicks on your ad. Another advantage of this type of advertising is that there is better control of people interested in the brand.

Web Development and Design

The web design determines the appearance of the company’s online site, after having studied the colors and style that characterize it. While web development is responsible for implementing its functions and the design of the interaction that users will have when they visit it.


It is the way to sell products online in stores that are available 24 hours a day. Another positive aspect of e-commerce is that you can reach customers who are in other countries and the commercial advantage is ahead of traditional stores.

SEO and SEM positioning

In the case of SEO, it optimizes searches to position the company in a good place in search engine results, such as Google, and this is developed organically. While SEM positioning is done with the payment of advertisements and keywords to appear in the top places of search engines.

Email Marketing

It is the mass sending of emails to the database of clients of a company with commercial messages, promotions, among other things, and thus keep them aware of all the actions that are being performed.

Social media

They manage the company’s social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and generate their content to generate traffic on these platforms, which are used daily by its users. Also, they use these means to invest in advertising and reach their target audience more precisely.

Media Planning

It is responsible for selecting, after doing a previous study, what will be the best means where a brand can spread its campaign to achieve better results and generate a good return on investment (ROI)

Other Services Related to Digital Marketing Company

PR Online

With this type of Public Relations, companies gain visibility and strengthen relationships with users, journalists, and people involved in different online media. Thus, the products or services of a brand gain a positive image.

Audiovisual Production and Production

Videos are created that are distributed in the different channels of the company as part of the Marketing strategies of their campaigns as spots, for example, that are only made to be bounced on the Internet and be virtualized.

Digital Marketing Services Company


The digital theme will continue to grow and more and more services will appear that will meet the new needs that arise through changes in trends. The business market must be aware of these advances so as not to be left behind and be at the same pace as its customers.

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