Best Tips for Social Media Video Marketing to boost your Small Business

by Susan

Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing is very important in making a successful and a long term strategy for content marketing. Video contents are the premium factor to drive internet today. Maximum number of brands is using video contents to reach to their targeted audience. It helps in building a relation with their customers effectively and fast.

Video contents are regularly and steadily rising in social media platforms. This makes video contents more important for the content marketers. The number of video shares and views has increased globally across many social platforms, over past few years.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube users are now consuming more video contents than before. The demand for video contents is on the increase, even at this initial stage of video content marketing.

Importance of rising social media video contents for all businesses

It is mandatory for you now to take social media video contents seriously, if you are in business, irrespective of the size and niche of your business. You are losing a big chunk of money if you are not leveraging social media video marketing for the growth of your business.

Video contents are now integral parts of the online social networking lifestyle of all users of leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The current growth in social media video contents is because of most of the businesses now experimenting with branded video contents for their business growth. These statistics act as an eye opener-

  • 93% of the videos are initially accessed on Twitter by the users from their mobile devices.
  • The views for branded video contents have doubled on You Tube during past three years.
  • There is a huge 258% growth in views of branded videos on Facebook, within just two years time.
  • A video tweet has six times higher chance of being retweeted, compared to a photo tweet.
  • A live video on Facebook receives 10% more comments than the regular videos.

Video contents on social media platforms can connect successfully both to the Generation Y and the Millennial. The young and ever growing audience emotionally connects with the brands by social media video contents. They turn into buyers more easily because of this reason only.

Video contents are being used for marketing by more than 60% of the business organizations. They use it for promoting their products, growing their brand awareness, driving more traffic to their business websites, generating leads and close sales.

It is easy for people to remember your video contents. They engage easily with the videos. It is important for you to create an attention grabbing video content for your target audience. Only the best video contents will fetch you results in boosting your business, by outdoing your competitors.

Your well created social media video contents act like a funnel. It helps you to catch more business by:

  • Immediately catching the attention of your target audience.
  • Connecting with them by using valuable video contents.
  • Pitching them a lucrative relevant offer at the end.
  • Converting them into a lead and close sales.

How to do Social Media Video Marketing?

You can start by uploading Native Video Contents

You can use Facebook to share your videos and engage with your target audience. It is better for you to upload and share native videos on Facebook, instead of sharing links from You Tube. The native videos perform ten times better than You Tube Video links.

It has been found in a study that Facebook native videos received 478% more shares and 110% more interactions from its users.

Facebook priorities are the uploaded native videos to its platform, over the external video links from other sites, such as You Tube.

Native videos perform better because:

  • Native videos play automatically while scrolling down, by its users. You Tube videos are to be manually played.
  • Native videos can play inside environment of Facebook, while you need to play You Tube videos on external pages and leave Facebook to watch the video.

It is an experience a Facebook user cherishes and makes the native videos valuable for both Facebook and its users.

Better share short and value oriented videos

The short and useful video contents on social media platforms attract more engagements for you. It helps to attract more attention to your brand. It helps in spreading your brand awareness more with improving your organic reach.

This short form of video contents is now being used widely by business houses. 60 seconds videos on Instagram to 2 minutes videos on Facebook are more popular because they are effective.

According to a research, the best time span for social media video are

  • 26 seconds for Instagram.
  • 45 seconds for Twitter.
  • One minute for Facebook.
  • Two minutes for You Tube.

These short videos are popular because they are Bite Sized or easy to Snack. The users do not have to spend much time in watching these videos and these videos effectively convey their message in a very short period of time.

The social media contents become successful only by focusing on delivering instant gratification of the user’s demands. These demands are:

  • They do not want to spend much time on videos.
  • They want to be updated with all the happenings around them.
  • They want to be informed on trending topics that interest them.
  • They need instant entertainment before moving on.

Short videos are boons for busy people in need of useful information. They watch it on the move, on their mobile devices. More than 80% of the social media contents consumed on mobile devices only.

The most popular short video watched are those created on “How to” processes or on working of your products, to make the users understand your offered solutions to their problems.

The successful strategy of creating an effective short video content is

  • It should keep the viewer engaged and make them coming back for more.
  • It must build a strong relationship with the existing followers.
  • It should increase the number of social shares and add more followers to their social networking accounts.

Short videos have proved to be more productive in promoting your business.

You should make the First 10 seconds count

The human attention span has reduced to 8 seconds to 12 seconds, way back in the year 2000.

If you fail to grab the attention of your viewer within the first 10 seconds, your video content proves to be useless.

You have to create a video content that keeps your audience glued to your video till the end. The audience drifts away within the first 30 seconds or so. Your video should be able to make your viewers hold to your video till the end. You may show something very interesting in the beginning of the video or deliver immense value at the starting point of the video; your audience must remain in their tracks and remain interested till the end.

Any failure in keeping your viewers engaged with your video will result in losing more than 33% of your viewers right away. Do add subtitles to your videos because most of the videos are auto played and are viewed mute in public. Make sure the subtitles are readable for your users. 

You have to tell your viewers a story

People do not like aggressive approaches to sales. You have to tell them a story to keep them engaged. Storytelling has become an effective approach to generate sales. Videos tell better stories.

Storytelling adds value to your video contents and helps you connect with your audience. Your created video should be able to create psychological mood swings in your viewers, to bring out their emotions and make them take actions.

How you can implement storytelling through social media video

  • Create right characters to build a bond between with the viewer.
  • Create an angle that grabs the attention of the viewer.
  • Help viewers understand what you want to convey with the story.

A value added video content on social media helps you to create a strong brand that is loved by your audience, by delivering them a proper message. Your brand must be showcased in a positive manner.

You need to add a call to action

Social media video contents should not only be worth viewing but also be worth sharing. You must have a strong and clear Call to Action embedded in your efforts of social media marketing. You have to encourage your audience to act for closing sales for you.

You should do this to gather more leads and convert them to sales:

  • Create social media video contents that should lead people towards giving your contact information.
  • Have a Call to Action given to them that explains clearly the benefits of their giving you the E mail addresses or phone numbers.

You can easily give a Call to Action to your viewers in your video contents created on Facebook. Facebook know its importance and supports your business, when you give your audience a Call to Action.

The process of adding a CTA on Facebook has been further simplified. The moment you add your video on Facebook, you receive an option to add a Call to Action.

Facebook gives you Call to Action options, such as:

  • Sign Up now.
  • Book Now.
  • Learn More.
  • Shop Now.

You can also add Watch more Call to action if you so want.

You need to leverage your current assets

You can use your assets to be converted to interesting social media video contents or you can hire a professional social media marketing agency.

You can start by-

Getting ideas from your FAQ page

Customer’s queries prove to be a great starting point. You can create a social media content on any question put by your customers.

-The video content created on your customer’s question will easily attract attention of the right users.

-You respond to your customer’s problems and tell them that you are responding to their problems. It makes your video contents worthy.

-You make things easy for your audience by building a social content around the question they have asked on your product.

Using the footage from behind the scenes

The consumers have huge choice because of the growing internet. The customers have become choosy in their approach.

Social media contents give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and create a strong connection with your target audience. It shows the human side of your brand. It helps you in winning their trust. You can show people what your brand stands for.

You also create a level of transparency with building personal connection with your target audience. They know more about you and trust you more.

You can stream events through Facebook live

You can stream live events to your Facebook followers and engage with them.

You have to maximize your marketing efforts in all the three stages of events.

Pre Event Stage

You have to Proactive in promoting your event to your target audience. Your audience becomes mentally prepared to connect with your event and is online to see it when it is really happening. You can do this by giving teasers at the Pre Event Stage. You can give account down process also to your viewers. You can conduct a mock broadcast for your audience.

Real Time Broadcast

Your audience must derive full value from the event you are conducting. Give a clear description for your live video with all the relevant details. Your live broadcast should be as value packed as possible.

Add a strong Call to Action at the end of the broad cast to your audience. They should follow the pages on Facebook. They can sign up for your E mail list.

Post Event

You now promote the contents of your live video for those followers who were not with you at the time of live broadcast. You can give them access to a recorded version of your event.

You must in any condition, incorporate social media videos into your digital marketing campaigns, to improve your business performance.

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