3 Crafty Iron on Patch Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

by Carter Toni

3 Crafty Iron on Patch Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Did you know that the craft industry in the United States is worth 44 billion dollars? With custom-designed bedding, bags, and clothing available, finding what you want is sometimes just a click away.

However, if you are in a do-it-yourself mood, or can’t find the exact item you want, creating your own will keep you satisfied with the final product. Some projects, like iron-on patches, can be used to spruce up your old sweater or patch up a hole in your child’s favorite pair of jeans that they haven’t outgrown yet.

Keep reading for 3 iron-on patch ideas that will help you hide those holes and stay fashionable at the same time.

1. Iron-on Patch Ideas for Jeans

Previously, iron-on patches were used only to mend hard-to-fix clothing items. Now, you can find iron-on patches for almost any material and occasion.

One current fashion trend is to leave the rips and tears, but use the patches to decorate your favorite piece of clothing. If your child likes flowers, allow them to decorate their jeans, front and back with various types of floral patches.

If your partner works outdoors and often rips the knees out of their jeans, choose a design that represents their job or hobby. Hunters might enjoy a camouflage print or comical deer creations on their pants. Campers might like to see flannel patches covering their tears.

2. Iron-on Patch Ideas for Jackets and Sweaters

Covering the pockets or the back of a jacket could take several hours and involve a lot of creativity. If you are covering up the elbows because of a rip, make sure that you use soft material on the inside of the jacket to make it comfortable to wear. The back of a patch could scratch and itch.

Creating matching jackets or similar jacket designs for family or friend pictures is one way to get everyone involved. Kids will enjoy designing their layouts, while friends can flaunt their unique interests and hobbies for a photoshoot.

One of the most popular iron-on patches for sweater ideas allows you to show your originality and makes a great gift for your grandkids, kids, or friends. Take a new, single-colored sweater and add a unique patch to the elbows that will make their sweater stand out. You can get a different color sweater for each person and showcase their favorite things.

3. Custom Make Your Patches

Another of the ideas for iron-on patches lies in creating your own patch. You can order them in bulk for a family reunion or sports team, or buy just a few for a craft project of your own.

There are many ways to wear patches, so you won’t be limited by what you can design. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your patch, there are plenty of ideas for iron-on patches available online.

Iron-on Patch Ideas for the Whole Family

Reimagining your family’s old clothing with these iron-on patch ideas will give it a fresh purpose. Branch out into a new world of do-it-yourself and feel confident as you wear your “new” clothing for the first time.

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