3 Must-Try Halloween Treats

by Carter Toni

There are plenty of other Halloween treats out there to try, from witch-finger cookies to ghostly cupcakes. Whether you’re catering to a younger crowd or an older one, there’s sure to be a Halloween treat that will impress every age group and sweet tooth. Here are three must-try Halloween treats that you can make at home:

  1. Snake BitesThese sweet treats are made by rolling together peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas into a slithery snake shape.
  2. Doughnut Hole EyeballsThese spooky treats are perfect for Halloween and are easy to make. Simply dip doughnut holes in white chocolate and add a chocolate chip in the center for the iris.
  3. Monster MunchThis colorful Halloween snack is made by coating popcorn with candy melts and It’s a crowd-pleaser and perfect for snacking on during a Halloween party.

Halloween Skeleton Charcuterie Board

A Halloween skeleton charcuterie board is a fun and creative way to serve up snacks at your Halloween party. Use these tips and ideas to create your own spooky masterpiece that is sure to impress your guests. Here are some tips and ideas to help you create your own:

  • Skeleton centerpieceThe centerpiece of your charcuterie board can be a skeleton made out of cheese, meat, or other snacks. You can make your own skeleton head out of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and prosciutto, as shown in this [Food Network recipe]. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made skeleton-shaped serving dish to use as the centerpiece.
  • Meats and cheesesFill your charcuterie board with a variety of meats and cheeses, such as salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, cheddar, brie, and Arrange the meats and cheeses in a way that creates a ribcage and other skeletal features around the centerpiece.
  • Fruits and veggiesAdd some color and freshness to your charcuterie board with fresh fruits and veggies. Consider using red grapes, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries to create a spooky effect. Carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes can be arranged to look like bones.
  • Candy and treatsNo Halloween party is complete without some candy and treats. Add some Halloween-themed candy, such as candy corn, toffee apples, and chocolate eyeballs, to your charcuterie board. You can also include other treats, such as popcorn, pretzels, and crackers.
  • DecorationsTo really make your charcuterie board stand out, consider adding some Halloween decorations. You can use spider webs, plastic spiders, and other creepy crawlies to create a spooky atmosphere. Black and orange tablecloths and napkins can also help set the mood.

Halloween Trick or Treat Table

A Halloween trick or treat table is a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday. Use these tips and ideas to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike. If you’re planning a Halloween trick or treat table, here are some tips and ideas to make it fun and memorable:

  • Socially distant setupIf you’re planning to have kids come up to your door for trick or treating, consider setting up a socially distant table outside your home, as shown in this [DIY video]. This can help keep everyone safe and healthy while still enjoying the Halloween festivities.
  • Easy accessMake sure your trick or treat table is easy to access and navigate. Keep the table at a comfortable height for kids and make sure there is plenty of space for them to move around and choose their treats.
  • Safety firstAvoid using open flames or cords on your table, as they can be a safety hazard. Keep glass items away from the table to prevent accidents. Also, consider providing hand sanitizer or wipes for kids to use before and after they grab their treats.
  • Halloween-themed decorationsMake your trick or treat table festive and fun with Halloween-themed decorations. You can use items like wooden signs, pumpkins, spider webs, and other spooky decorations to create a fun and inviting atmosphere.
  • Table centerpiecesConsider adding a Halloween-themed centerpiece to your table to make it stand out. You can use items like a skeleton, a pumpkin, or a witch’s cauldron filled with candy to create a fun and festive look.
  • Themed tablesIf you’re hosting a Halloween community festival or party, consider setting up themed tables for different activities or treats. For example, you can have a pirate table, a pumpkin patch table, a monster table, a fortune teller table, a spider table, a candy land table, or a witches table, as shown in this [Fern and Maple article].

Halloween Cookie Tray

If you’re looking for a Halloween cookie tray, there are plenty of options available. Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made cookie tray or make your own, there are plenty of options available to help you create a spooky and delicious Halloween treat for your party or gathering.

Make sure some valuable ideas to get you started:

  • Cookie trays for purchaseMany bakeries and online retailers offer Halloween-themed cookie trays for purchase. For example, Cookie Closet offers a Halloween Cookie Tray that includes Creepy Crawly Chocolate Chip, Bloody Eyeball Cheesecakes, Dark Chocolate, and other spooky treats. Cookies by Design offers a Halloween Favor Tray that includes one dozen hand-decorated cookie favors. Zaro’s Family Bakery offers a Halloween Cookie Tray that includes Mini Black and Whites, Assorted Rugelach, Pumpkin Cookies, and Halloween-themed Sprinkle Cookies. Amazon also offers a Halloween “Cookie Talk” Cookie Platter that contains an assortment of gourmet cookies and treats in a spooktacular Halloween theme.
  • Make your own cookie trayIf you prefer to make your own Halloween cookie tray, there are plenty of recipes available online. Good Housekeeping offers a list of 62 Best Halloween Desserts to Serve at Your Extra Spooky Party, including recipes for Red Velvet Cookies, Moss Cookies, and Halloween Cake Pops. SheKnows offers a list of Easy 3-Ingredient Halloween Treats That’re So Simple It’s Frightening, including recipes for Rolo Pumpkin Patch Pretzels, Witch Hat Cookies, and Candy Corn Bark.

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