3 Reasons Why a Tracksuit Is Essential in Your Wardrobe

by Carter Toni

Essential in Your Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are growing in popularity as more people seek to minimize clutter and update their style in an environmentally sustainable way. This type of wardrobe contains a number of interchangeable pieces that enable you to create many different outfits with a relatively small number of clothes.

The first capsule wardrobe was put together in London, United Kingdom, however the concept quickly caught on in the United States. In 1985, fashion designer Donna Karan became well known for creating the Seven Easy Pieces fashion line.

While having seven pieces in your wardrobe might not be realistically achievable for many, the idea of reducing the amount of clothing you have and instead focusing on fewer quality pieces is something we can all do.

These pieces don’t necessarily need to be expensive or even first-hand, but they should be made of durable materials and complement one another on the same color palette.

One essential piece in your wardrobe is the tracksuit. Tracksuits and track sets have been around for decades and are key pieces in both men’s and women’s fashion.

You can easily buy men’s track sets online in a huge range of styles, colors and patterns. These pieces can be worn for many different occasions. Here are the three top reasons you should add a tracksuit to your wardrobe if you haven’t done so already:

Comfort Is Key

One of the biggest benefits to wearing a tracksuit is comfortability. You can choose from relaxed fit to skinny fit, hip zip, full zip, hooded – the choices are endless, meaning that you can pick out the style that you find most comfortable to wear.

Tracksuits are generally made in fabrics that are flexible and feel good on your skin, they are much softer than other clothes made from denim or leather. Common tracksuit materials include jersey, scuba, velvet or even fleece.

Thicker fabrics will keep you warmer and cozy during the colder winter months, while more breathable fabrics can keep you cool during the summer or when playing sports.

They Are Versatile

Tracksuits aren’t just comfortable they are also very versatile, there is a tracksuit ideal for almost any event. Going to a festival or warehouse club night with friends? A neon or brightly colored tracksuit is both practical and stylish, bold, or clashing prints are also very on-trend.

They can also be dressed up for daytime activities and days on college or school campus. Bomber style jackets are slightly more formal and pair well with a slogan or logo tee and high-top sneakers.

There are also many tracksuits suitable to be worn for sports games, gym sessions and other intensive activities. To show off your toned physique, skinny fit track sets can be paired with a muscle fit t-shirt. Ankle zip pants can help make putting on and taking off your running sneakers just that bit easier.

Encourage You to Stay Active

Wearing a tracksuit can help encourage you to stay on the move, their breathable and lightweight fabrics do not restrict movement like many other stylish fashion choices.

It is also about the mindset that you get in whilst wearing a tracksuit. This outfit choice can make you feel ready for a workout and putting one on can be a part of your routine before you head to the gym.

When you look good, you feel good. Body positivity is important and helps to motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals. It is unsurprising that tracksuits are one of the most purchased items in sports retail stores.

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