3 Reasons Why Using Lodgable Can Skyrocket Your Vacation Rental Business

by James Martin

Are you ready for a game-changing way to increase bookings and revenue with your vacation rental business? Well, it’s coming! Lodgable is the newest technology that will help you turn your vacation rental into an amazing income stream.

Lodgable is a service that helps vacation rental owners manage their properties. It helps you quickly respond to guest inquiries, communicate with guests, take bookings and payments online, manage your rates and availability calendar, create check-in packets for guests so they have everything they need when they arrive at your property and much more. The best part? Lodgable has all of this functionality built into one simple tool so it’s easy to use! Here are three reasons why using Lodgable can skyrocket your vacation rental business:

1. Lodgable will connect you to Booking sites

One of the best ways to get more bookings from Lodgable is by connecting your vacation rental property to Booking sites. Booking sites are one of the biggest sources for finding vacation rental properties online. Your property will be listed on Booking sites to help you get more bookings.

Lodgable not only helps you connect to Booking sites, but they also have connections to other services, so you can send your guests to other vacation rental websites if they don’t book with you on Booking sites.

2.You will get a free customized website

Another big reason you should be excited about using Lodgable is because they will give you a customized website for your vacation rental properties. With this site, not only can you list and manage your vacation rental, but you can also use the site to generate additional revenue.

The free custom website has lead capture pages that allow you to create customized email campaigns to promote special offers and packages for your guests. For example, if you’re looking for extra income for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, you can set up an email marketing campaign with something like “Order now before all the spots are taken” which will help increase bookings during these peak travel seasons.

3. You’ll be able to communicate with your guests efficiently

With Lodgable, you will never miss a communication; all of your booking details are available on one platform so there’s no chance that someone will miss an email or fail to understand something correctly. You can also track important data like how many inquiries you received on a certain day so you know how to better market your property.


Lodgable is an all-inclusive free platform that can help you grow your vacation rental business. It’s the perfect option for those who want to spend more time enjoying their guests and less time working on digital marketing strategies. With Lodgable, you no longer have to struggle with bookings, as Lodgable will connect you to booking sites to make the process more accessible and easy.

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