4 Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors

by Carter Toni

4 Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, and you’ll get swallowed whole if you underestimate the little things, like picking bridesmaid dress colors for your big day. No one wants a wedding that looks like everyone else’s, which is challenging when you know that 5,000 couples get married each day in the United States of America.

Exploring dress colors is a great starting point if you want to roll with a theme that makes your wedding stand out. The bridesmaid dress that you pick will stand out when you’re at the altar saying your vows. The good news is that you’ve found the correct bridesmaid dress guide to use when picking dress colors for your closest friends.

Keep reading this article for four great dress colors today!

1. Sage Green

Sage green is a popular option if you crave a wedding that is filled with earthy tones for the bridesmaid dress and the decor. Sage green is a stunning color that works as a bridesmaid dress when properly applied. Look to pair this color with black or white accents to make your wedding party stand out from the crowd.

A sage green bridesmaid dress is also great because it offers a naturally slimming appearance. It’s a sleek color that gives off an aura of luxury.

2. Misty Blue

Misty blue is another attractive option if you’re ready to pick dress colors with our bridesmaids. These dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a late autumn or winter wedding since they give off a crisp and flowy appearance. You’ll look back at your wedding photos and love how your wedding party looks when they wear their misty blue dresses.

3. Champagne

Champagne is a great option if you’re looking for a neutral color that still provides a vibrant and luxurious feeling. Your bridesmaids will feel like the beautiful queens they are when they put on their champagne bridesmaid dresses for the first time. Choose champagne if you want a timeless bridesmaid dress perfect for all skin tones.

4. Black

Black is growing in popularity with many couples when they start planning the many aspects of their wedding days. You can’t go wrong with black bridesmaid dress colors if the goal is a timeless and elegant wedding that your guests and family members will love.

Black dresses work well with all body types, so all of your closest friends will look stunning on your big day. It’s a daring choice, but one that you’ll love if you take the chance on it.

Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Today

Planning your wedding comes down to picking themes and colors, and the bridesmaid dress you choose will have a major impact on the wedding photos from your special day. Black is a bold choice, but one that will look amazing in pictures, while champagne is a wonderful neutral option. Sage green is perfect for an outdoor wedding or for someone who wants a luxurious appearance.

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