4 Safety Goggle Styles That Are Fashionable!

by Glenn Maxwell

You know the age old saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye,” and it’s worth heeding the warning. Eye protection exists for a reason, and that reason is that our eyes are fragile, and eye injuries are common. You may remember wearing one size fits most goggles during high school lab experiments, but now that you’re an adult it’s time to invest in a functional pair of safety goggles. If you don’t think you need a pair, think again. For example, you go out to mow your front lawn bright and early on a Saturday morning, ditch the safety protection, and end up in the ER with a rogue twig stuck in your eye. This could be easily avoided with a pair of functional and fashionable safety goggles that actually fit your face. Here are four fashionable safety glasses styles styles that are on the market:

Cat eye goggles

Cat eye protective safety goggles are a modern nod to a classic eyewear throwback. The retro shape adds spunk while the protective barrier blocks any junk headed towards your eyes. Try cat eye safety goggles to balance a round face shape or to highlight your cheekbones.

Square goggles

Square safety goggle styles are an iconic, angular shape that adds definition to softer facial features. This shape doesn’t cut corners when it comes to eye protection. Try square shaped safety goggles if you have a round, oblong, or oval face.

Rectangle goggles

Rectangle safety goggles can be made specifically to flatter any face shape. This style can be described as business meets barrier, keeping you sophisticated and safe at the same time. Try rectangle styles of safety goggles if you’re keen on balancing oval, round, or heart-shaped faces.

Round goggles

Round safety goggles are a classic shape that is subtle, stylish, and softens stronger features. Just like eye protection, a round shape will never go out of style. Try round styles of safety goggles if you have a square, heart, or triangle face.

Choosing the right fit for you

Glasses can accentuate your face or detract from it. It goes without saying that the wrong pair of glasses can completely ruin your look and sap your confidence. The right pair can do just the opposite, highlighting your favorite features and making you feel like a million bucks. Safety glasses, however, are another story. It’s probable that you don’t always think about safety and fashion being hand in hand; when in reality, those two terms are mutually exclusive. Although so many of us know the importance of wearing protective eyewear, most don’t know that we aren’t limited to the dollar bin safety glasses at the home improvement store. There is an entire world of stylish and functional safety goggles to be explored. From the four styles listed above, to any potential color ways, you can absolutely pair your new safety goggles with your work uniform, errands athleisure outfit, and brunch dress. The possibilities are endless with fashionable safety goggle styles.

Do I really need safety goggles?

Personal protective equipment isn’t exactly known for its runway-esque appearance. Most of us would rather take a “safety third” mentality than wear safety goggles, even when we know we need them. The problem is, eye injuries are much more common than you think. In fact, they’re so common that more than 2.5 million eye injuries happen every year in the U.S. alone. The eyes can heal from some injuries, but the process is slow, and sometimes, vision can be damaged or lost completely. That statistic probably has you considering partaking in the latest fashionable safety goggle trend, doesn’t it?

Standards and safety rating to look for

The ANSI standards were developed to ensure that all safety glasses and protective eyewear conforms to the same standards. When you’re shopping for protective eyewear, it’s important to always look for an ANSI certification. This means that the safety goggles were tested in extreme elements and are very likely to keep you safe in many extreme situations. 

You can determine the difference in safety ratings of your safety glasses by learning the variations in the markings on the lenses or frames. Most of the time, the lenses will bear the marking to let you know they’ve been tested and approved. If you see a “V” or “S” on your lenses, it means they have a protective tint. The manufacturer will include more information about the specifics of the tint and what conditions in which the glasses can be used. A marking of “Z87.1” on the frames of your safety glasses or goggles indicates your frames have passed the ANSI impact test. This marking is critical to look out for. You need your glasses to be as tough as you are and handle anything life throws at you.

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