4 Ways To Make Money Driving

by Carter Toni

Driving is more than just convenient. It opens up the world, gives you unprecedented freedom, and can even help you to make a little extra cash. Driving jobs are plentiful and easy to come by. You’ll find that most can be full or part-time, too, so it’s easy to fit them around your work schedule.

#1 Cab driver

Perhaps the most obvious choice of all, turning your car into a cab is easier than it’s ever been. The proliferation of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Ola ensures that anyone, no matter where they live, can pick up fares and make some additional money. The beauty of these apps is their sheer flexibility. You decide on your schedule, how long you want to work for, and even the kind of passengers that you pick up. Becoming a cab driver was once a laborious, involved process, but by joining a company like Uber, you can turn your car into a money-making machine almost overnight.

#2 Delivery driver

Following on from the previous point, part-time delivery jobs are plentiful. Nearly all fast-food restaurants now offer a takeaway option, and that requires drivers. Big chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s need their food delivered fast, but even smaller local shops nowadays offer delivery. Fulfilling food orders can be less stressful than driving a cab (you don’t have passengers to deal with, after all), but the pay often isn’t quite as high. You’ll sometimes find yourself working to quite tight deadlines, too, which can be difficult, especially if you’re a new driver who isn’t familiar with the roads.

#3 Courier

Making some money either part or full time is one of the big motivating factors behind learning to drive. By taking lessons with a school like the Alliance Defensive Driving School, drivers do not just become adept on the road but recoup the cost of the lessons through work. The courier sector is an area where demand is high. It’s possible to work as an independent courier fulfilling package orders from companies such as Amazon. Local Sydney couriers don’t usually travel far, either, and will specialize in a small locale. Time constraints can sometimes be an issue (you won’t have long between deliveries), but many drivers enjoy the sheer freedom of working for themselves.

#4 Pet cab service

One for animal lovers, this might not be the first job that springs to mind when you think of earning money with your car. Nonetheless, pet couriers are much in demand. Most standard cabs simply won’t accept animals, which poses big problems for pet owners who need to get to the vet or just need to take their pet somewhere. By offering yourself up as a specific pet courier service, you reach a whole new area of the passenger market and are sure to make some animal friends along the way! Pet cabs often charge much more than standard cab fares, but you will (of course) need to take care of any damage/soiling of your vehicle.

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