5 best lifting equipment for easy material handling:

by Glenn Maxwell

No matter which type of business  you are doing, you will often be in the need to do the material handling. Whenever you are lifting heavy weights and trying to move it from one place to another, the process of material handling will come into action. With this, you ensure that the material remains safe when it is moved from one place to another.

Considering the importance of material handling, there are many machines that are used. A few of the best equipment in use include:

Pallet jack:

Pallet jack is an equipment that is used to lift different types of materials and move them over a short distance. Pallet jack is an alternative to forklifts. Warehouses that cannot afford forklifts can use pallet jacks as they are small in size and very to use. They can manage your material easily as they have the tendency to lift the material of various types and various weights. Check out best pallet jacks by AAL Store.

For effective handling of material, you should consider something that does not compromise the safety of the material.


Forklift is another machine which is very useful to lift heavy machinery. They are used extensively in different warehouses because they are very sturdy and there is no chance of material damage if you know how to use this machine in an efficacious way. There are forklift trucks available in various sizes. You can choose any of them depending on your personal needs. In addition, you will need to train your employees in order to make them use forklifts effectively

Lifting hoists:

Another one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in the warehouse includes lifting hoists.  There is a traveling bridge attached with it. There is a hoist attached with the bridge also that is used to provide support to the material which is lifted. Whether you need a manual crane or a powered one, you can easily find both depending on your budget.

Platform table:

Platform tables are highly adjustable lifting equipment that are used in many warehouses in order to lift heavy machines. Since they are adjustable, they can be raised to a desired level depending on how high you want to take the material to. They don’t take up much space due to which, they can be made to reach those areas of the warehouse where heavy machines such as cranes or forklift trucks cannot go.

Lifting tower:

If you don’t need too heavy and complex machines to use because of affordability or lack of manpower issues, you can easily do the job of lifting with the help of a lifting tower. Many lifting machines don’t take up much space and they are suitable in those warehouses that are limited in space and need a compact machine. A single person can easily use them and one can easily transport them from one part to another part of the warehouse. .

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