5 Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers!!

by Glenn Maxwell

Your teeth play such a significant role in your life. They help you chew and digest food, help you talk and speak correctly, and give shape to your face. Having a good set of teeth can also give you a beautiful smile which enhances your appearance. A beautiful smile, in return, boosts your confidence by influencing social life, relationships as well as your career.

But people usually aren’t blessed with flawless teeth, or their teeth may get discolored over the years. Apart from that, you might also have a gap between the two teeth or may have cracked or chipped teeth. In that case, Porcelain veneers Somerville can help you to overcome these problems. Veneers are thin, customizable, and assist in fixing your dental issue. 

There are many other non-cosmetic reasons to consider veneers. So, keep reading to learn about these considerations.

  • Enamel restoration: The enamel of your teeth is really strong, but sometimes it can wear away over time. Consumption of acidic food and drinks or even unhealthy brushing techniques can damage the coating of your teeth’s enamel, making your teeth prone to decay. Also, some people have naturally weak enamel, which makes them more prone to tooth decay. Veneers can cure enamel weakening; they will be attached to the surface of the teeth with a powerful adhesive. These adhesives are so strong they can protect your teeth from bacteria.
  • Repairing cracks: One of the non-cosmetic reasons why people go for veneers is to repair cracked and chipped teeth. People usually think of cavities or tooth fractures when talking about tooth damage. Sometimes, a tooth can develop tiny cracks or chips, leading to tooth decay and infection in the innermost layer. Dental veneers Somerville proves to be very effective in sealing up these tiny cracks and chips. They can bond the tooth surface, prevent tooth decay or other tooth infection, and help strengthen the tooth. 
  • Closing gaps: Gaps between teeth can be very frustrating and can be considered cosmetic reasons to get veneers. But, the reason is not always to have a flawless smile. Gaps in between teeth make it easier for tartar, plaque, and other disease-causing bacteria. These bacteria cling to your tooth surfaces and pile up at your gum line. And that means your teeth are prone to gum disease and cavities. So, going for veneers will help you fix the gaps and protect your teeth from gum diseases and cavities.
  • Correct misalignment: Another good reason to get veneers is that you can correct misaligned teeth. Getting veneers surely fixes your misaligned teeth, but more than that, it helps maintain oral hygiene. With misaligned teeth, it becomes challenging to keep all your teeth clean and free from plaque and tartar. If two teeth overlap, it becomes difficult to brush and floss, leaving the overlapped area unclean. This can cause cavities. Getting veneers for your teeth can fix the overlapping and make it easy for you to maintain good hygiene. 
  • Long-term solution: Veneers are more affordable and better than braces because it does more for your teeth than braces can. They are customizable and last up to 15 years before you need a replacement. Veneers fix the gaps between your teeth, repair chips and cracks, and restore enamel by strengthening them. All these help your teeth to remain healthy and hygienic for a time. Using veneers can be a long-term investment for your teeth as it will prevent them from decaying or discoloring even after you have attained a certain age.

Bottom Line

If you think all these non-cosmetic reasons mentioned above could help you meet your needs and if you want to maintain good oral hygiene, you should go for veneers. Dentist Somerville can help you with the process of cementing veneers on the surface of your teeth and help you to have a flawless smile and healthy teeth.

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