5 Social Media Tactics for PR Agencies to Win New Clients

by James Martin

PR agencies are experts that help businesses create, improve and protect their presence through media. Sometimes, agencies lose sight of their own business as they build and maintain the image of their customers.

Focusing your efforts on a paid cause is easier because you can see the return you’ll receive from your work.

But public relations firm must work and improve their social media strategy and communication. Or else, they won’t have enough paid work to worry about anymore! Their clientele will thin and fall.

You don’t want this bleak picture to predict the future of your PR agency. So, in this article, let’s talk about five handy social media tactics that PR agencies can use when they wish to revive their marketing strategy!

5 Social Media Tactics for PR Agencies

Content and Visuals

As a PR agency, you’re the guru of creating and maintaining successful public relations. For your marketing strategy, you need to build the trust of potential clients in your abilities.

  • And what better way to showcase your PR agent expertise but through your marketing content? Your answer: None.
  • Deliver content that shares authoritative sources or blogs to create a sense of reliability in your brand.

The content should also be kept engaging. Your agency should use attention-grabbing visuals, such as slide decks, and pay close attention to how well you deliver your content.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are the trump card for any marketing strategy. They are proof to the clientele that you own what you speak, increasing your worth and validity in front of them.

This boost in trust is why you should highlight any third-party validation you’ve received firsthand in your marketing strategy.

Your Employees

Your employees are the main face of your agency. They are the ones who portray your skillset and, therefore, the value your clients will receive from using your services.

Using social media to show your clients the culture and attitude of your employees beforehand will make them understand and connect better with your company. Make the users trust you as a service provider.

Email Marketing and Conversion Stats

Another good way to market and subtly inform and remind the audience of your existence is email marketing. You can use catchy headlines. Personalize the mail, and use it as a basis to measure the reaction of the viewers: Does it increase your conversion rate?

With such questions, you will understand what the viewers want from you and lead your business to improve its performance.


Knowing the best platform to reach your clients is also crucial to marketing your agency successfully; because your message needs to reach your clients to know you.

Today, almost everyone is on social media platforms. It’s the ideal way to reach out to your audience.

As a plus, each platform has a distinct tone of voice. Each of which will have to be used while marketing, adding variety to the content you create!


Winning and Retaining clients is the only way you, as an agency, can grow and succeed. This is why updating your marketing strategy is crucial. Because, of course, only when you know how and where to direct your marketing strategy can you stand out and lead the tables.


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