5 Top Best Computer Monitors That You Should Purchase For Your Needs!

by Glenn Maxwell

Throughout the years, we have transitioned from working at the office to working at the home. Many of us are still at our homes and working day and night on our projects. With all of this, you keep staring at a screen for hours and hours all day long. Every individual needs a monitor that is suitable and right for their needs. Some of us get eye fatigue because looking at the monitor can cause tiredness in our eyes. To get our things done in a good manner and still not get eye fatigue or anything like that, we need to get the latest technology monitors on our desks. Individuals can save some bucks during their purchase by using coupons on Wadav.

Some of us are hardcore gamers who are always sitting on their battle station and taking down our enemies. Gaming in that way can require a high-end performance monitor that not only gives less eye fatigue to you but also plays an important role in your gaming style. You get an advantage because of the higher refresh rate, quick response time, and low-motion blur technology in these gaming monitors.

In this article, we will list down some of the best monitors that are an ideal option for your productivity and gaming.

Philips Brilliance 279P1 (Best For Productivity):

Coming on the first for our readers who are all about that productivity life. Philips Brilliance 279P1 is an amazing monitor that is packed up with great features, including a vibrant, bright screen with proper color coverage. Additionally, it has a IPS with UHD resolution. You get higher pixel density with excellent sRGB color coverage. For your view, it has an ergonomic stand that gives you an ideal view while you do your work on your PC. For connectivity, there’s a USB hub for it. You get built-in speakers in this monitor, which are pretty clear and loud for an average user.

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG (Best For Gaming):

Standing second on our list is ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG. It is a better option for the gamers out there. This gaming monitor delivers everything at 1440p. It is exactly the resolution that many gamers want nowadays. It has a premium panel that packs some incredible technology inside it. You get a quicker refresh rate with low input lag. For the viewing angles, there’s a highly flexible stand that can help you view everything clearly. The visuals results are incredibly amazing because of the features that this gaming monitor is boasting inside it.

BenQ EX278OQ (Best for Productivity and Gaming):

Coming third on this list is BenQ’s EX278OQ. It is an outstanding gaming monitor that is equally an ideal choice for the people who do their productivity tasks on their PC. It is an all-rounder for the people out there. It has a great sound system that is paired up with incredibly dynamic HDR that making this monitor the best pick for many individuals. You get a 27-inch QHD panel that shows accurate and vibrant colors. On top of that, you get a higher refresh rate as well as a very low input lag to give you a quick response time with a fluid display. The HDR is totally on point. It performs really well for the users. And for the people who like to listen to some music or enjoy good sound, there are built-in speakers that deliver outstanding sound quality for the users.

Dell 24 S2421HGF (Best Budget Gaming Monitor):

The fourth standing on this list is Dell’s 24 S2421HGF. It is an ideal option for the people who look out for the best budget gaming monitor. It is really a good gaming performance monitor for gamers who want to enjoy full HD gaming as well as who like to watch shows and movies on their PC. It delivers a vibrant and bright display whenever you watch series or films on it. The viewing angles are ergonomic to get a clear view angle for the users. You can get a little lower price on this monitor by using coupons to get this on your desk.

Acer Nitro XV252Q F (Best Gaming Monitor For Esports):

The fifth contender on this list is Acer Nitro’s XV252Q F. It is an incredible gaming monitor for the people who are into esports, and they want something for their fast-paced gaming sessions. Everybody knows that they need something that will do wonders for them when they are in the middle of a battle with their enemies. They need something that has a bleeding-edge technology and does the job for them. This gaming monitor comes packed with very lower input lag as well as the fastest refresh rate that is available in a gaming monitor. Furthermore, it has an IPS panel technology which is an extra point for this gaming monitor. The price is pretty affordable for gamers.

Final Thoughts:

To finalize this, our readers are pretty much knowledgeable about which monitor they should opt-in for and which is better for their needs. They can save some bucks on these monitors by using coupons during checkout.

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