5 Unique Gift Ideas For Your New Clients!

by Glenn Maxwell

When you are in the world of business, whether you are brand new or have a few years under your belt, you will likely want to show your clients that you appreciate them. If they are new clients, you will especially want to show them that you appreciate their business, and thus, you will need to cement good relationships as early as possible.

Of course, you will have to do the work that you have agreed to, but, more importantly, in 2022, the majority of businesses give their clients gift baskets or other presents, usually at the start of the partnership and on religious occasions.

If you are a bit stuck on what to get for your new clients, here is a short list of ideas to help you.

Alcohol Basket

You cannot go wrong with an alcohol gift basket, especially one that is on the higher end of the price range, like these corporate gift baskets.

In the majority of cases, the kind of alcohol put within the baskets will say a lot too. If you opt for something cheap, then your clients may think you do not think much of them. But, if you choose a professionally put-together basket or hamper with a bottle of fine wine, champagne, or whiskey placed inside it, then this sends a clear message that you value them.

Coffee or Tea Basket

Does your new client not drink alcohol? Not a problem!

You can still gift them a basket or hamper, except rather than there being wine or whiskey, you can put coffee and tea inside it instead. These will usually allow you to buy more for the same price as the wine basket, so your client will be able to share it with other members of their team.


Of course, when most people hear the word notebook, they think of a paper-bound spiral notebook that college students use. That could be a great gift idea if you don’t think very much of your clients! To make an impression with a notebook, make sure it is bound in an expensive material (usually leather), and if you want to be fancy, you can emboss their company name on the front.

Make sure the notebook is relevant to the kind of work that you and they do. For instance, if you both travel the world a lot, there are notebooks that contain key phrases that can be used in other languages.


A Kindle is a simple and effective gift that can help your client if they travel a lot, as it is a great way to read a book when they are on a train or bus without the added weight of all the pages. And, as it is a nifty piece of tech, it can boost their opinion of your company.

Restaurant Voucher

If your client is a lover of food, why not treat them to a restaurant voucher? While it can be tempting to invite yourself along on this trip, it is best to allow them to choose who they go with, as then, it is truly a gift for them to use.

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