5 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for Every Occasion!

by Glenn Maxwell

The job is far from done even after finding the perfect gift.

You can’t just throw it in the free bag you got from the mall the other day and hand it out to the special one. Can you?

So, clean up your mind, take a couple of minutes, and get crafty with the gift wrapping.

Don’t settle for those same old boring wraps. Everybody has gotten pretty used to them by now. They’re immune to their charms by now.

Crank it up, and make your gift wholesome, beautiful inside and outside. And your wrapping shenanigans impact the latter.

But coming up with a unique gift wrapping idea may be too much for you. So we’re here for you.

Here are 5 gift wrapping ideas that will put some razzle-dazzle to your gift.

  1. Something natural (kind-of)

You can skip those traditional wrapping papers now.

It’s time we have something new. So opt for reusable wrapping cloths this time.

It’s easier to wrap, looks much more aesthetic, and way, way more environment-friendly. So if you’ve got environmentalists in your friends and family, now you know how to please them. Thank us later.

You can give your inner artist a chance one more time. Make some shapes with baking soda, then decorate your wrap with them.

For holiday gifts, you can put in some pretty greenery. Don’t bother whether they’re real or faux; it looks pretty anyway.

  1. Something artistic

There are more artistic ways to gift wrap. But they’ll need some personalization.

Think about the person and what they like. But your wrapping should also subtly show your taste.

You can create layers in your wrap with different types and wrapping paper prints. It’ll provide contrast, depth, and a distinct look.

You may limit your experiment to only two of them. But you also have the option to go crazy and put some more, just to confuse them whether there’s anything under those layers or not.

You can make your presents unforgettable by adding a personal touch. But, of course, the best one would be a photo.

It can be something out of your instant camera; it can be some embarrassing moment that needs to see the light of day. Or it can be a lovely picture of you and the giftee—boundless possibilities.

You can opt for ribbons too. Yeah, they are very traditional. But you can jazz it up by selecting some funky-looking ribbons.

And if you invest a little bit of time, you can learn many of those knotting techniques. And this contrast of old and new will make your gift unique.

If you’re out of ribbons, don’t worry. Instead, use multi-surface acrylic paint to put some solid artistry on the wrapping.

It may be better than an actual ribbon, but if you mess up, blame the paint!

  1. Something sweet

If your giftee has a sweet tooth, we have a fantastic idea.

Make your present really sweet. No, sweet means sweet like real candy. You can even mix and match with different flavors based on the occasion.

Like peppermint candy canes for holidays and your giftee’s favorite one for their birthday.

Put candies upon your gifts. Who doesn’t love candies?

  1. Something classy

If you want some class on your gift, you can get those monograms and wreath wax seal stamps.

There’s something about wax seals that exudes class and posh. They look amazing on gifts, just as on all those envelopes.

Ever considered wrapping a gift using the actual gift? If not, please do.

Tie an appropriate ribbon to a gold bracelet or some other piece of jewelry, and use that to wrap the box. It’ll definitely stand out among other gifts.

You can use some old papers with some jolly news (not murders or politics) as your wrapping. You can even buy some cool vintage ones.

Or, use stickers or letters that may make your giftee cherish a long-lived moment. Emotions are priceless, as you know very well.

  1. Something colorful

If you want to make your gift as colorful as it can get, then buy a glue gun first of all.

Then buy some flowers. They can be faux. They can be dried. They can be pressed. They can be plastic, natural, or anything you like.

Whatever you use, they’ll look pretty.

You can also consider tassels and pom poms for wrapping. They just look so cute!


Every gift is an expression of love and happiness.

Gift wrapping can enhance the whole appeal of the gift. It says about you and how much you care.

But whichever idea from above you may follow, don’t forget to wrap your love within your gift. That’s the main thing.

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