5 Ways Brokers Can Benefit From a Freight Broker Software

by Carter Toni

Running a freight broker business is more difficult than people think. You have to keep everything in check, complete orders before the deadline, stay in loop with prospects and customers, and keep an eye on your competitors to stay on top in your industry.

But how can you get all these things done at one time? The only way you can manage the internal workflow of your freight brokerage business is by using freight broker software like Rose Rocket. Keep reading this article to find out how using dedicated software can be beneficial for your business.

1. Creation of orders

It can be quite troublesome to create orders and enter all the details correctly. For example, if you have an in-house team to create all the orders with spreadsheets, it will be quite troublesome for you to create and manage them.

The easiest way of generating orders as per the details provided by your customers is by using freight management software. This software product comes built-in with a dashboard meant for creating orders, so you don’t have to bother working with the spreadsheets that can waste your time.

2. Give quotes in no time

One of the important things you have to keep in check as a freight broker is taking care of the quotes. When a customer approaches you to ask about the pricing of your services, you don’t want to quote in a way that hurts your business.

But how can you give a proper quote within seconds that your customers will be willing to accept? Using freight broker software can make this process easier for you. Upon entering the order’s details, you will see different quotes that you can send to your prospects. This automation will help you save your time and effort wasted on calculating all the details manually.

3. 24/7 Customer support

Staying in the loop with all your customers is easier said than done. You have to stay up all the time to ensure that you provide quick answers to the queries of your customers. However, to get this job done, you have to rely on a single communication channel that is both secure and efficient for your needs.

The greatest benefit of using freight management software is that it provides you with a great platform for managing the queries of your customers. Using the built-in chat channel, you can send messages to all your customers securely without running into any problems.

4. Managing your documents

Another important thing about running a freight broker business is sending and receiving documents. The last thing you want to happen is setting things in court if some customers of yours sue you for not providing services as planned.

But how can you send and receive documents efficiently without making any mistakes? You can use the built-in chat system of the freight broker software to send and receive all the documents in one place. You can also sort the documents based on the needs of your customers, so you don’t have to store these documents in different folders.

5. Tracking the vehicles

How can you ensure that all the vehicles are moving as planned and complete the orders as per the schedule? Remember that if you fail to complete orders on time, it will become impossible to manage your reputation in the industry.

The only way you can keep things in check is by using freight management software. Using the built-in tracking system, you will be able to locate the vehicles to manage the workload and complete orders on time – allowing you to grow your business.

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