5 ways online casinos attract new customers!

by Glenn Maxwell

Online casinos are a trend, that is around for several years now. Despite there being so many of them, meaning a lot of competition, the current online casinos usually stick around. Even more: New online casinos are opened frequently. But what is it, that makes new online casinos successful? How do they attract new customers, despite there being so much competition? Here we will look into the 5 top ways for online casinos, to get new clients.

Playing for free, not using cash

Even though online casinos are around for the purpose of making money, the free play aspect forms an important part of the sector as well. There are plenty of people, who play casino games just to have fun. Online casinos making use of free play, are guaranteed to get numerous customers, and they can even make money with them. For example, customers could get an amount of free coins or chips to use on a monthly basis. If they wanted more of those, they would have to watch ads or click on bonus offers, effectively making the casino money. But even without all that, online casinos generate traffic with free play users, making the site interesting for search engines and advertisers, thus making money from those sources.

Big Jackpot Money

Another common way for online casinos, to attract a large new customer base, is with the jackpot money. The bigger the jackpot and the money the players can win, the more attractive the casino becomes for them. The online casinos are of course well aware of that fact and come up with ways, to provide high jackpots and good conditions, which set them aside from their competition. Or at least it puts them eye to eye with a handful of other competitors. Thus getting more into the focus of new players and having a better chance to get customers.

Another way to make use of this is through special jackpots or even bonuses and events, where players can make even more money. Monthly special events, for example are a good way of gaining the interest of the customer, especially if the reward or payout is high – and higher than what is usually possible to win.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is an important part of any online casinos. New ones use email campaigns even more extensively. Since new players are signed up to the mailing list, once they open an account with the casino, it is a good way to get in touch with the community and communicate important and interesting news. Via newsletters, the players get coupons and special offers, can participate in promotions and even engage in referral programs. With such programs and active relationship between the users and the online casino, it is more likely that a customer stays and refers others to the website. One special campaign, offered by many new online casinos, is the so-called birthday bonus. A list of online casinos, that offer such a bonus, can be found here: https://www.top10-casinosites.net/casinos-that-give-birthday-money/.

The Feeling of being in Control

Gamers, that includes in particular customers of online casinos, like to be in control. They like the feeling of being able to affect and change things to their liking. Many new online casinos offer customization options and give some control to their users for that very reason. Have players change colors or decks or the UI or maybe the hands to bet on, all gives them a feeling of being able to influence the outcome of the game and a general feeling of being in control. This in returns makes them stay and try their luck.

There are many other ways, how this could be achieved, for example by using different UI themes, card decks, card types and so on. The good online casino will employ special marketing staff to work out how this psychic effect, found in most players, can be used as an advantage.

Special Offers for High Rollers

High Rollers, so customers, that bet high amounts, are welcome in every online casinos and especially in a new one. High rollers have no problem spending a lot of money in the online casino and placing high bets, thinking that they have good chances to win or at least make up for their losses. But of course, high rollers don’t want to spend their money like everybody else. They love VIP status and special treatment because they know, they are a rare few in the pool of many.

For that very reason, many new online casinos offer special perks to high rollers. These include special VIP only rooms, where they are allowed to play and place high bets, as well as special bonuses and events, VIP Tags in the user list, a special chat room or even premium support, and the list goes on.


There are many ways for online casinos, to attract new customers. There have to be, because there are plenty of competitors around and rarely you find an online casino disappear, while many new ones are opening every year. The important part for success is, to have a proper strategy and to know, how to not only get new customers, but also how to keep them. If an online casino manages to do this successfully, they will have no issues, attracting new customers and keeping them.

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