6 Facebook Marketing Helpful Hints

by James Martin

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by Facebook, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll see significant results on your Facebook Page with just a few key daily actions. When used correctly, Facebook can help you establish yourself as an industry leader, attract high-quality prospects, and increase your lead generation.

Facebook activity that is sporadic does not yield much fruit. Doing simple things on a daily basis is the key.

When you do the following six things on a daily basis, you’ll engage your Facebook fans and build a community of raving fans who will naturally tell their friends about your services and products.

First and foremost, be a problem solver when it comes to facebook marketing services.

Solving problems for your fans builds trust and establishes you as an expert in your field. Encourage your fans to ask questions on your page by giving them advice. Respond quickly to questions with helpful advice.

Tip #2 for Facebook Marketing Success: Interact With Your Fans Every Day

Every day, I make it a point to leave 3-5 comments on other people’s posts. These remarks are significant because they add to the conversation and aid in the formation of relationships.

When I leave a comment on a fan’s vacation photos or offer feedback on a video created by one of my peers, it demonstrates that I care about them as people.

Paying attention to the fans who post on your Facebook Page is a great way to do this. To visit their page or profile, click on their avatar, and then leave a comment.

Make a point of using their first name when posting on their pages or profiles, and use natural language as you would with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Tip #3 for Facebook Marketing Success: Monitor Your Facebook Metrics

Tracking the activity on your Facebook Page is an important part of growing your fan base and maintaining momentum, even if it’s not exciting.

Here are a few items to keep an eye on on a regular basis:

Total number of fans

Number of new followers

In the last week, there has been an increase in the number of fans.

Number of dissimilarities

The number of actives per week

Active growth from the previous week

Check out the Facebook Insights on your page to find these numbers. Go to your page and click “edit page” in the upper right-hand corner to do so. A list of links can be found to the left. Select the Insights option.

Success Tip #4 for Facebook Marketing: If Something Isn’t Working, Change It

When it comes to growing your Facebook activity, patience is key, but you also need to know when to make changes if something isn’t working.

Set some goals with a time limit for achieving them to know when to be patient and when to move on. If you’ve reached your goal date and still haven’t seen results, make a change right away. Do this as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary damage.

Pay attention to the questions that get responses if you’ve been asking questions on your fan page for a few weeks with little response. This will assist you in determining what your fans are truly passionate about.

You should also consider whether your questions are too difficult or time-consuming to answer. It’s critical to ask questions that are simple to respond to. The most effective questions are those that only require a single word answer.

The most important thing to remember is to learn from your mistakes and move on!

Tip #5 for Facebook Marketing Success: Post Content Frequently

Distribute your content as widely as possible. Use other social media tools, such as your blog, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook.

Do the following to assist you in creating content on a regular basis:

Create an editorial calendar for the next six months. This can be done in Microsoft Word or with the help of an online digital calendar.

Determine how frequently and what type of content you will produce. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, reports, and articles are all viable options. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience if you create a variety of content.

Make a list of content ideas that relate to your niche or brand. Concentrate on what your customers require the most. Check out what your top competitors are posting to get a better idea of what your prospects are interested in.

Tip #6 for Facebook Marketing Success: Concentrate on Giving

In social media, the rule of “give and you shall receive” is very important. Share useful information that has been posted by others. Sharing links to content from influencers in your niche is a good idea. This aids in the development of relationships with those individuals and may lead to future collaborations.

But don’t forget to share content from your regular fans who aren’t yet famous. They will become lifelong fans if you share content from some of your lesser-known fans.


When it comes to Facebook, you’ll need a strategy that’s specific to your company. Facebook is becoming increasingly important as time passes. There’s a growing divide between those who get it and those who don’t.

If you are looking to increase your leads, drive more traffic to your website and turn fans and followers into customers, Digital Junkies is your step-by-step solution for making Facebook Marketing work for your business.


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