6 Productive Tasks to Do this Weekend

by Carter Toni

Everyone knows that feeling: you think of a million tasks you want to complete next weekend, but once Friday rolls around, you forget everything you intended to do. More often than not, you might find the weekend passes without anything productive happening, and often it’s hard to motivate yourself to complete these big chores after working all week. To make sure your weekend isn’t wasted, consider doing one of these six productive tasks.

1: Clean Up Your Front Yard

You might have a great cleaning system when it comes to the inside of your home, but what about your front yard? Remember—this forms the first impression guests and passers-by have of your house, so you want it to be as inviting as possible.

Some tasks to do in the front yard could include raking leaves, shoveling snow, or weeding the flower beds. If you find you are often shoveling snow, though, quality snow blowers will help make that job so much easier (and quite fun).

2: Meal Prep for the Week

One of the best ways to spend your time on a Sunday is meal prepping for the entire week, as it will make the rest of the week (when you might be too tired to cook from scratch) much more relaxed. You could batch cook dinner, prep your vegetables, and make sandwiches for your lunches. Not only will this make life easier, but it will also help you save money.

3: Plan Your Next Getaway

A fun activity that is still productive is planning your next getaway. You might not find time during the week, but at the weekend, you have time to browse flight and hotel websites and search through countless images until you find the perfect destination.

4: Visit Your Family

This one isn’t exactly a hard task, but it’s important to fit in and is still a productive use of your time. If you haven’t seen your parents, siblings, or children in a while, make the effort to go and see them this weekend. You could either visit their home and bring them some home-cooked food as a gift, or you could schedule a lunch in town.

5: Declutter the Pantry

Decluttering is always a productive task, and one area of the home that people often forget to do is the pantry. The chances are your pantry has some food in there that’s past the expiry date, especially if you have a large family and buy a lot of food. So, completely clear your cupboards of its contents and go through each tin, jar, and packet to see what stays and what goes. It’ll give you chance to give the surfaces a deep clean, too.

6: Spend Time Relaxing

Possibly the most rewarding use of your weekend time is simply relaxing. Once you have completed a couple of tasks you intended to do, be sure to take some quality time to yourself, whether that involves reading, watching TV, or taking a long-awaited afternoon snooze.

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