6 Tips for Hosting an Office Retirement Party

by Carter Toni

Celebrating success is a key element of effective business management, so why should that stop just because a member of your team is retiring? Instead of casting them aside and focusing on new talent, put together one last collective ‘thank you’ by throwing the best office retirement party. Although planning such an occasion may feel daunting, we’ve got you covered with the following tips.

Set a Budget

The chance is you want this to be the retirement party to beat all others. However, you have to be realistic and work with what you’ve got. Therefore, you should put together a strict budget and make sure it’s not breached. A good rule is to determine how much you’ll need and add 10% to overcome any hurdles. As well as allowing you to plan great activities and put out tasty food, that little extra budget lets you surprise your former employee with a gift or two.

Put Together a Guestlist

You will want all office employees to attend the party, but is there anyone else that should make the cut? This employee has spent years at your company, so consider looking through your records and inviting back old coworkers, friends, and even the guest of honour’s family.

Choose a Suitable Theme

To make the occasion memorable, consider choosing a theme for the party. Although not a necessity, it can help steer the rest of your planning in the right direction. If you’re stuck for inspiration, consider the following:

  • Casino nights
  • Sports
  • Hollywood
  • Travel

A Gift from the Business

Farewells and gift-giving go hand-in-hand, so make sure there’s room in the budget for a gift or gift set. There are so many different directions you can go with this, whether it’s a wax melt gift box, a hamper, tickets to an event, and anything in between. Alternatively, you can run with the wax melt gift set and combine it with a lifetime discount for your business (depending on your products and services).

Plan for Great Food

You don’t have to put on a spread worthy of The Ritz, but a little bit of effort goes a long way. If you’ve chosen a theme, consider putting together a buffet of related foods. Alternatively, to make sure there’s something to suit all tastes, ask your guests to bring a dish. However, you should make sure all dishes are safe for the guest of honour, so make sure you know what their dietary requirements are.

Make it Fun

People are attending this party to say goodbye to a cherished employee, so make sure it’s a fun occasion. Plan for a series of games and activities including quizzes, bingo, charades, and other simple party games.

Planning a retirement party doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow the steps above. Remember, no matter how stretched the budget is, always leave room for a gift that your employee will help them remember their time at your company.

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