6 Underrated Cooking Tricks That You Wish You Would Have Known Before

by Carter Toni

You might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen just to cook the daily meal, especially while following a particular recipe. This is the issue with recipes, you try to follow the exact amount, the process and period so minutely, just to make sure that the food tastes delicious and that is why it takes so much time! Otherwise, you just put ingredients according to your feelings and experience and it always works.

Today I’ll share some underrated cooking tricks with you to make your Cookinglife easier.

1. Give your homemade tomato sauce a rich flavor – add brown sugar

The color doesn’t really matter. Put some white or brown sugar into homemade tomato sauce, to give it a popping rich taste.

2. Use a spoon to peel eggs

Peeling eggs is a tension when guests are at the dining table. If you have to boil and serve the egg instantly, put two tablespoons of salt into the water. Once the eggs are boiled, use a spoon to crack a small portion and then slowly peel the entire skin smoothly. To follow this trick, adding salt to the water is mandatory.

3. Use lemon slices to grill the fish

Unlike meat, fish gets stuck and sometimes even broken while cooking on the grill. And I have a handy trick for it. Place lemon slices between the fish and grill. It would make your fish perfectly grilled with an additional sour flavor. You can also getgarnishing and serving ideas on Cookinglife.

4. Put the oysters in the microwave to open easily

It needs some tricky serious force to open oysters. And you wouldn’t want to apply hard force on the knife to open it, because you would get hurt if the knife slips. But cracking oysters up could be very easy if you follow this simple step. Put the oysters in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, the heat will loosen them up and help you to open the oysters with less force. Follow Cookinglife to get more such mind-blowing hacks.

5. Make edible dessert cups by using chocolate and a balloon

It’s one of my favorite recipes and serving ideas. To make cute edible dessert cups, you need to melt enough chocolate in a bowl. Then dip a balloon in the melted chocolate, so that the liquid chocolate sticks all over the balloon. After cooling down, pop the balloon and you have the chocolate edible dessert cup. Uniquely serve your dessert. Your guests would definitely compliment your creative mind. Thanks to Cookinglife.

6. Wrap tissue paper on a beer or soda bottle to cool it faster

Your friends are arriving in 5 minutes, but you forgot to chill the bear! No worries! Just take a couple of tissue paper and wrap it on the bottle of beer or soda before putting it in the freezer. It will cool down the temperature magically fast. For soft paper towels and towels do visit Cookinglife.

7. Make perfectly even pie crust

You can literally fool anyone with a perfectly even pie with the right amount of crust. Place a scale on each end of the dough, and start rolling the dough until it covers the entire pan. As a result, the crush would be perfectly even and you would be overwhelmed with compliments.

Also, there are tools available on Cookinglife to make perfect pie crusts. Get it now!

8. Make your fruit ready to eat by ripening faster

Ethylene is the gas responsible for ripening fruit and veggies. Now I’m going to share a simple scientific trick with you. You can fasten the ripening process by just putting the fruits inside a paper bag. When you store the fruits in closed mouth paper bad, it locks the ethylene inside. By the time, the amount of ethylene increases which ripens the fruits faster. Now you can make your fruits ready to eat at any time! Isn’t it a nice trick? Cookinglife is dedicated to making your daily cooking life easier.

I hope you would apply the tricks in your kitchen. Let us know your experience, and share your valuable feedback with us. We’re all ears! Have a nice day!

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