7 Examples of Catastrophic Personal Injuries in Ohio

by Carter Toni

There are many different types of law; literally hundreds (maybe thousands). And when it comes to specific areas such as personal injury, there are still often different categories. One of these categories is catastrophic. Several differences set this definition apart from similar cases, mainly the severity of the injuries and the duration of their effects.

Catastrophic injuries usually involve severe short-term and oftentimes long-term residual effects. With this type of legal issue, the right kind of Ohio personal injury attorney makes all the difference. Instead of explaining the nuances between lesser cases of personal injury and catastrophic ones, we will just give 7 common examples of the latter:

1. Injuries Suffered on the Job

Accidents and serious mishaps at work are common causes of severe injury. A lot of times, this is where the employer’s worker’s compensation and company lawyers will take over. It will be up to you to find someone to make sure you get what is rightfully coming to you.

2. Injuries Received in an Automobile Accident

As more drivers are paying less attention on the roads, auto accidents are on the rise. The increase in phone use when driving has skyrocketed, along with other distractions. In addition to that, improperly lit or obscured traffic signage, malfunctioning lights, impaired drivers, incorrectly set up construction areas, and many other things can also lead to vehicle accidents.

3. Various Burn Injuries

People often assume there is only one type of burn injury, but there are actually several. A burn has nothing to do with fire, per se. It refers to a specific type of injury, to the skin and soft tissue, which is measured by degrees of severity. A victim can also be burned by:

  • Electricity
  • Steam
  • Hot metal
  • Radiation
  • Chemicals

4. Serious and/or Long-Term Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. It almost always requires a long and difficult rehabilitation process, and in the worst cases can require life-long assistance.

5. Injuries to the Spinal Cord

Spinal cord injuries, similarly to brain injuries, often require a vigorous rehabilitation process. Depending on the severity of the injury, the type of the injury, and the impact it has on the rest of this person’s life, the settlement for an injury like this can vary greatly.

6. Injuries Resulting in Amputation

Just about any type of accident that leads to an amputation of a body part is considered catastrophic and warrants an Ohio personal injury attorney. Unless it happens in your own home and completely through your own negligence, you may have a case.

7. Injuries Suffered Due to Electrocution

Not to be mistaken with being burned by electricity (although both can occur), being electrocuted is different. It often happens on the job, but can also happen due to faulty or exposed wiring in public places, residences, businesses, or anywhere else.

What to Look for in an Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what might constitute a catastrophic injury, you can decide whether or not it’s right for you to look into getting a lawyer. If you aren’t sure, it never hurts to reach out, just to speak with an expert to make sure.

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