7 Rental-Friendly Upgrades to Personalize Your Living Space

by Carter Toni

Personalize Your Living Space

Renting an apartment, condo, or townhome can be cost-effective, but personalizing the space can be tricky when the lease prohibits you from changing certain parts of your home.

So, how do you make your rental feel like home? Find rental-friendly upgrades, of course! Here are seven rental-friendly upgrades to personalize your living space.

1. Reorganize or Update Your Furniture

This one is pretty straightforward. If you’re feeling a bit restless in your rental property, then maybe it’s time for a change. To that end, reorganize your furniture to give your home a new layout. Who knows? You might like the flow of your home if you move your sofa to a different wall. Alternatively, you might want to buy some new furniture altogether. Swap out your brown sofa for a grey one, add a cozy chair, or buy an ottoman that doubles as storage.

2. Choose Eye-Appealing Colors and Patterns

Yes, most rentals don’t allow you to paint any walls. Luckily for you, retailers now sell easy-to-remove wallpaper or wall decals. Choose a beautiful pattern or new color for your bedroom wall or find a stunning graphic to stick behind your deck for extra pizazz. Then, simply peel the backing off and stick it somewhere in a design-friendly way. Your rental will look unique and fit your personality in no time. Plus, when you need to move out, you can easily peel the wallpaper or decal off the wall, making your rental look untouched and ready for the next tenant. Sites like rentberry.com can assist you in determining the best place to find your new rental home where you will have all that you need close by.

3. Hang Some Curtains

Another easy one. Don’t settle for those ugly mini-blinds your rental provides for your windows. Instead, know that hanging curtains over your windows adds style to your walls and looks more like a home than a rental. Choose a bold color or interesting pattern to tie the room design together. Additionally, be sure to check your lease agreement for any rules about window coverings. You may need to purchase curtains with a white lining to ensure all windows throughout the rental property, including your neighbors’, look cohesive.

4. Purchase Plants

Nothing makes a space feel more like home than with some potted plants like Monstera deliciosa, snake plant, ficus and zz plant. Do your research on this one. Say your rental doesn’t get a lot of sunlight throughout the day. In that case, you’ll need plants that thrive in shade. Alternatively, if you get morning or afternoon sun, you can opt for plants that require some sunlight. Don’t limit yourself, either. Select indoor and outdoor plants if you have a patio or balcony. Pets are another factor to keep in mind, as some plants can be poisonous to dogs and/or cats. Look for alternatives to ensure your furry family members are safe.

5. Let There be Light

Rentals don’t always offer the best lighting. You may have a few ceiling lights, but chances are, your home is fairly dark when the sun sets. In these cases, invest in some stylish lamps to add light and warmth to your home. Place lamps throughout your living room, bedroom, and office. This will be especially helpful during those cold winter months when days are short and nights are long.

6. Use Removable Tile

Much like the aforementioned removable wallpaper or wall decals, retailers now sell removable tile stickers. Now, it might not look quite as nice as the real deal, but tile stickers can exponentially enhance the look of your space. Add a removable backsplash to your kitchen and your guests won’t believe the improvement.

7. Display Wall Art Prints

One of the best ways to personalize and upgrade your rental space is by adding art. Whether it’s personal photos you’ve taken over the years or wall art prints, you can transform your bland apartment or condo into a personalized oasis with a few framed pieces. Plus, who doesn’t love showcasing photos in one area of their house and graphic prints that capture their personality in another? Let your imagination run wild with this one. After all, it’s your space to personalize.

Your Home Should Reflect Your Personality and Tastes

At the end of the day, your home should reflect your personality. Rather than sticking with your boring, beige-walled rental for a year or more, why not spruce up the place with new feng shui or new furniture, removable wallpaper or tiles, an area rug or curtains, plants or lamps, or photos or wall art prints? Or, maybe, you opt for all the above!

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