8 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

by Carter Toni

Who wouldn’t want to broaden their social media accounts? Whether you are a new or an established brand, everyone needs good visibility over online platforms.

Being the most popular social media giant, what else could be better than Instagram? Instagram’s practical and resourceful features help you reach your targeted audience quicker, and you can be the best in your niche and earn substantial money through it.

Getting started with Instagram is no big deal. It’s super simple to create your Insta profile and optimize it the most for your business through some straightforward yet powerful strategies and get maximum Instagram followers. So let’s explore the same:

#1. Write an impeccable Instagram Bio

When you construct a building, you don’t begin with a terrace; you lay the foundation first and then build on it brick by brick. Similarly, you don’t set unrealistic goals for your online business in the first go that are unachievable. Initially, you start with writing an impeccable Insta Bio. Insta Bio is the mirror image that speaks volumes of you and your brand. It consists of a brief description of you and your business, a striking profile picture or a brand logo, along your website link. So, be sure to mention your business ethos and vision in your bio.

State the uniqueness of your brand and the unparalleled services you offer because this is where people will get to see highlights of your story, previous posts, get to know more about you. Most importantly, people will decide whether to follow you or not and as they say: “first impression is the last impression,” so let it be an unforgettable experience when they read your Instagram Bio. A compelling bio will draw more followers to your account. So let your Instagram Bio do the talking for you. Let it resonate with your brand and the services you offer.

#2. Buy Instagram Followers

Your success on Instagram is measured by the number of followers you have. So, if you have a significant following, you have topped the game, but if that’s not the case, growing your Insta account could be a distant dream.

Buy Instagram followers through legit sources to out beat your competitors and grow your business exponentially that too in a short period. This will also increase your visibility on social media, attracting more potential followers.

All you need to do is get followers on Instagram to give an initial boost to your business, and then you can maintain your social media handle well once you have reached the desired number of followers. You could also buy an Instagram account relevant to your industry, rebrand it, and reach the masses in no time.

#3. Use Industry Relevant and Trending Hashtags to Increase Your Visibility

Instagram’s unique features like Insta search use hashtags to find the information users seek instead of searching with the keyword. So if you know how to make the best use of relevant and trending hashtags, then you are already on top of your game!

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram. Speaking of hashtags, you can’t use any terminology coined on your preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags should ideally be relevant to your niche to attract like-minded people. So, research thoroughly before using hashtags.

Begin with finding trending hashtags that resonate with your brand. Then insert these hashtags in your Insta posts to divert traffic to your Instagram handle.

The next thing you need to do is insert branded hashtags to help followers relate to your brand with your content. For instance, your happy customers can add a branded hashtag to express their level of satisfaction with your product. That’s the best review you can ever get!

#4. Connect with consumers using stories on Instagram

Instagram stories are a reasonably new aspect that’s comparable to Snapchat stories. Account owners can upload photos and videos to their Stories reel, accessible for 24 hours. Of course, they are gone after that forever if the owner doesn’t want to save them for their highlight reel.

One of the most exciting characteristics of the platform is Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, you are not using Instagram properly if you are skipping out on stories. One thing is sure: More than 500 million monthly users engage with Stories from their favorite accounts and brands.

Therefore it’s a good idea to post to Stories every day and showcase products, provide behind-the-scenes glimpses, ask questions, hold polls, the countdown to a product reveal, and facilitate your services otherwise. In addition, provide tips and valuable content to stabilize yourself as a great leader in the industry.

#5. Live Streaming

One of the great features of Instagram is live recordings too. Unfortunately, stories disappear after 24 hours, so it’s typically a combination of Facebook Live and Snapchat’s Stories feature.

Live videos are considerably powerful on digital platforms, as it provides consumers with a raw, unfiltered view of the business. Many things on social media show the very best of things, making viewers feel unimportant or inferior. The unedited videos indicate a more vulnerable side, making consumers feel more at ease when they visit your business profile.

#6. Network with other business profiles

Instagram is all about Connections and networks, so you should make connections with different business profiles. Multiple benefits are there in applying this. The two most important advantages are learning from others’ Instagram strategies and networking with influencers.

One of the most effective ways to share the products and brand with the World is influencer marketing. You hire someone with a reasonable number of followers with influencer marketing. Typically, 10000 and above. They will check and use your product and provide approval for the same. As their follower count is enormous, this implies fantastic returns on your investment.

#7. Maintain Your Uniqueness

You must have spent an adequate amount of time searching the internet about the significant policies for promoting your brand on Instagram. You certainly don’t want to come out like that to the followers. Utilizing the exact type of content and hacks as your competitors will not maintain the interest of the potential consumers.

Therefore, decisions regarding your value system set you apart from your competitors and succeed in the cut-throat competition. Your attitude and personality can make a significant difference. For instance, you may be an amateur comedian, and your non- demeaning and clever jokes can liven up the feed vastly. You may be very imaginative and provide a new life to the services or products you continually post.

#8. Roll out Contests

Contests are a great way of gaining users’ attention. Whether you are old in the game or just started, people are always excited about winning contests and free goodies. The outcome could be excellent when they end up sharing their experience with others.

Instagram contests could be about posting a unique image, liking a page, or tagging to meet a prerequisite to enter. Next is announcing the winner. This is a genius move, as every time your followers are a part of such an event, you can ask them to tag others. Isn’t that a great way of increasing your social media footprint?

The Bottom Line

Vault your business towards success by creating your business account on Instagram. Try these powerful ways, such as writing an impeccable Insta Bio, using relevant hashtags, buying Instagram followers, live streaming, rolling out contests, etc. All of this helps expand your business exponentially. So what are you waiting for? Turn to Instagram today!

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