8 Reasons to Consider Self-Catering Holiday Accomodation

by Carter Toni

Strictly speaking a ‘self-catering’ accommodation simply means a property that allows you to cook your own meals. At first glance that may not seem as attractive as a luxurious hotel suite or bed and breakfast, but the truth is that it is a lot more appealing than you might think.

In fact right here and right now we can give you eight solid reasons why you should consider booking a self-catering holiday accommodation:

  • Lots of property types

Due to the popularity of self-catering accommodation, you’ll find that you’re really spoilt for choice. The property types typically include cottages, lodges, chalets, apartments, villas, cabins, or even mansions.

Suffice to say you’ll have a wide selection to choose from so you can pick whichever type of property you feel is the best fit.

  • Various facilities

In the same way the property types of self-catering accommodation is diverse, so too are the facilities that are available. Aside from kitchen facilities some may have swimming pools, gardens, hot tubs, and more.

If you want you can check out the facilities at self catering accommodation Dorset to see what you may expect.

  • More space

Typically self-catering accommodations have more space when compared to hotel suites or bed and breakfast rooms at the same price point. Most include larger living areas as well as kitchens – but it may vary depending on the type of property that you’re staying in.

  • Cost-effective

The prices of self-catering accommodations vary quite a bit, but in most cases they are more cost-effective – especially for groups. The reason for this is mainly the fact that large groups can live in the same accommodation and take care of their own meal budget (as opposed to it being included in the price).

  • Greater control over meals

While cooking for yourself may not sound that appealing, having more control over your meals can be a good thing especially if you have a particular palate or dietary restrictions. In a self-catering accommodation you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen that you can use to cook what you want, and eat whenever you feel like.

Of course if you don’t want to cook you can still order takeout or simply go out for a meal. In that way you can enjoy the local cuisine as and when you like.

  • Better privacy

Generally speaking self-catering accommodations tend to be self-contained units – which will give you more privacy. In some cases you may have the entire place to yourself, or in others you may have a private entrance and individual living space.

Some self-catering accommodations may even have private facilities – but that largely depends on the type of property.

  • More local, less touristy

Staying in a self-catering accommodation lets you experience living more like a local than a tourist. It will feel like moving into a new home for a short while, and you’ll get as authentic an experience as possible.

  • Pet-friendly

Compared to hotels as well as bed and breakfasts that are mostly not pet-friendly, many self-catering accommodations are. It is best to check and enquire in advance however, as well as ask whether there are any rules or restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Starting to see the appeal of booking a self-catering holiday accommodation? If you want more flexibility, privacy, and are traveling in a group – it is definitely worth looking up the types of self-catering accommodation that are available.

Because self-catering accommodations are so diverse, you should take your time and do your research. In particular you’ll want to look into the type of property, number of rooms, facilities, as well as what is (or is not) provided.

Make no mistake, going on holiday and living in a self-catering accommodation is a very different experience that what you may be used to. However once you try it out you may find that you prefer it over hotels and other types of accommodation.

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