A Guide on How to Choose a Laundry Basket That Works For You

by James Martin

A laundry basket, also called clothes hamper and often referred to as a laundry bin is a necessity in most households. It is used for storing dirty clothes until they can be washed and/or dried by the rightful owner. Laundry baskets come in many different designs and are made from various materials, so you are bound to find one that fits both your home interior décor and your budget.

When looking for the best laundry basket, Wäschekorb (called in German Language), for your home or apartment, you need to keep a number of key factors in mind. You would never want to choose a laundry basket that doesn’t fit your needs, so let’s go over some must-haves on your checklist before we get started with your laundry basket purchase:

  • Consider What You Want Out of a Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are a staple in most households, and it’s not surprising why. The best laundry baskets can help you stay organized, clean up around your home, and even save space where needed.

Before buying a laundry basket, however, it’s important to consider what you want out of one. Some people need to have a few different laundry baskets to accommodate their needs. For example, if you have kids, it might be helpful to have separate laundry baskets for them. If you need something big enough for a large pile of clothes or linens on wash day, you might need to buy a bigger one than the average person.

Considering that there are so many options available at various price points and with different functions, the goal is figuring out what works best for your particular needs.

  • Think About Material

Plastic: Plastic laundry baskets, Wäschekorb aus kunststoff (called in German Language), are affordable and easy to clean, but they may not be as durable as other options. If you have young children or are looking for a sturdy basket, plastic may not be your best bet.

Wicker: Wicker baskets come in all shapes, colors and sizes and are popular because of their fashionable look. They can also be found at a variety of price points and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Metal: Metal baskets tend to be more durable than plastic or wicker counterparts, but they aren’t as easy to transport since they don’t have handles like most other styles.

Fabric: Fabric baskets are great for those who need something collapsible. Look for ones with reinforced sides so it will hold its shape once it’s full of clothes.

  • What’s Your Budget?

How much do you want to spend on a laundry hamper? If you’re looking for something practical and inexpensive, then a plastic or wire hamper is probably your best option. If you want something more decorative, you’ll need to spend more money on baskets made of higher-quality materials.

  • How Often Do You Have Laundry To Do?

Laundry baskets can be used for more than just dirty clothes. They are great for blankets, towels and dirty cleaning rags. You can also use them to store clean clothes before folding them.

If you usually do laundry every couple of days or so, a smaller basket should work well for you. If you put off doing laundry until its piled high, you may need something larger.

  • How Big Is The Space Where The Basket Will Go?

Measure the space before shopping for a laundry basket so that you don’t waste time looking at items that won’t fit in your home.

Make sure there is enough room to open the lid of the basket completely and that there is still space between it and other furniture in the area (so it can be easily removed when it’s time to unload).

Take into account any obstacles like radiators or doorways that could get in the way

  • Find Something That’s Easy To Clean

It’s not a bad idea to find a laundry basket that you can easily toss in the washing machine. You’ll be surprised at how much grime will build up on the inside of your laundry basket even if it just holds clothes that have been worn once. If your laundry basket is sturdy enough, you can add it to your normal rotating load. If not, many retailers sell mesh bags specifically designed for the task.

  • Choose A Basket With Holes To Let Air Circulate Through

If your laundry basket doesn’t have holes in it, your damp clothes will get musty and mildewy. The more holes — and more importantly, the larger they are — the better air circulation you’ll get, which will prevent foul odors from forming as well as keep your clothes cleaner and fresher.

  • Consider Something With Wheels So It’s Easy To Move

If you have to carry the basket up and down flights of stairs or across various rooms, consider something with wheels so it’s easy to move. You’ll also want to measure the width of doors in your home or apartment to make sure the basket is able to fit through them easily.

  • Do not Forget About Your Personal Esthetics’

If you’re thinking about using a laundry basket as an accent piece and part of your décor, then you’ll want to make sure that it blends in nicely with the rest of your home. You can find options made from wicker, bamboo, wood, rattan, even plastic and metal — though these probably won’t be particularly decorative.

  • Laundry Baskets With A Lid Help Keep Clothes Clean and Dust Free

Make sure the laundry basket has a lid, wäschekorb mit deckel (called in German Language). If your space is limited and you have to keep the basket in your bedroom, having a lid will help prevent smells from reaching your clothes. Lids also prevent dust and bugs from getting into your clothes.

Final Note:

Finding the right piece for your laundry room can be one of the most challenging parts to any home-improvement project. Fortunately, there are many types of laundry baskets available on the market today. It is important to consider your personal tastes and preferences, along with the space you have available. By finding the perfect basket to match your tastes, you’ll be improving the organization of your laundry room in no time!


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