A Mini Guide To Buying A Tyre In Abu Dhabi!

by Glenn Maxwell

 Serving as the foundation of every vehicle, tyres are an inseparable part of every automobile lover. Especially, when it comes to choosing tyres for your car, efficiency matters the most. 

 Don’t know where to start? We are sharing the key elements that you should keep in mind when buying a tyre Abu Dhabi. So, without wasting another second, let’s start with our mini guide

 Fix your type

 The first thing you should look at is the tyre type. There are two types of tyres available, one is a tube tyre and the other is a tubeless tyre. We can say that tube tyres are comparatively the older version of tyres, whereas tubeless is the recent one. We recommend choosing tubeless tyres since fixing a puncture in tubeless tyres is 6 times easier.

 Tread Pattern

 The next thing that you need to consider is the tread pattern of the tyre. There are three patterns of tread; symmetrical tread, asymmetrical tread, and directional tread. Among all these treads, the symmetrical tread is considered to be the most suitable but the requirements vary from location to location. So, it’s best to consult an expert at your shop to find a suitable tyre for your vehicle. 

 The brand is the boss

 Here comes one of the most crucial points for selecting top-quality tyres. People often say that brands are merely the mark but the fact is, you can’t risk your or anyone else’s safety by buying inferior quality tires. Therefore, always double-check the brand that you are picking for your tyre. Pirelli, Michelin, and Goodyear are the leading tyre brands, but in case you have any personal preferences then discuss them first with your car service provider.

The regular check

 Once you decide on the kind of tyre, have a word with your car service provider about a routine check. Not just that, but the seasonal routine check for your tyres is a must.

 Dimensions of the tyre

 Well, the dimensions of the tire are a technical factor that you will surely need expert guidance for. Hence, we will advise you to consult with your car service provider to find the right tyre dimensions. 

 Check the Date of Manufacture (DOT)

There is a sentence DOT followed by four numerals, and the numerals show the tyre’s date and year of manufacturing, and location of manufacture. So, if the numerals are 2218, it signifies the tyre was made in the 22nd week of 2018.

The RTA has ruled that tyres that are more than 150 days old should not be purchased.

 The reputation of the service provider

It’s crucial to be particular about your car service provider for the tyre replacement. Therefore, always try to perceive the reputation of your car service provider. Moreover, look at the reviews, ratings, expertise, staff, and customer support. 

 Quality, dedication, and customer satisfaction

Choose a company that offers incredibly economical and budget-friendly tyres without sacrificing quality and dependability.

 Trained Staff

Professional installation experts and vehicle tyre specialists are educated to provide the best quality services and exhibit expert-level workmanship that meets the criteria and expectations of our prestigious clients and consumers.

Quick Tips

  • Dedicate enough time to your search
  • Learn from experts
  • Put your efforts into the research
  • Stay aware of the tyre replacement services
  • Show preference for the leading brands
  • Try to understand the right tyre dimensions for your vehicle

Final Words

Lastly, we would just say that being indifferent about your choice of tyres is a major mistake. Hence, follow all these above-mentioned tips to find the best tyre for your vehicle.

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