A Mysterious Official Message From The Production Of ‘Violet Evergarden’ Could Have Confirmed Season 2 Of The Series, Now Available On Netflix.!

by Glenn Maxwell

The state Twitter account of ‘Violet Evergarden’ anime that people suggested for you a week ago – just confirmed that there’s a brand new animation project in development following the conclusion of episode 13 that marked the finish from the series. Formerly, it’d recently been confirmed that the OVA could be released on This summer 4 combined with the final amount of Blu-ray and DvD. Some fans believe the ad refers back to the OVA, while some insist the ad confirms another season is incorporated in the works.

There’s also the truth that within the tweet they’ve assured that “the new project is really a brand-new work”, a sign that they’ll expand the award-winning number of light novels compiled by Kana Akatsuki and highlighted by Akiko Takase. The confirmation tweet uses in March the novel ‘Violet Evergarden: Gaiden’ (a side story) says “a new project is at development”, so there’s may well argument in order for there to become a secondary story inside the franchise.

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Synopsis of ‘Violet Evergarden’:

The storyline involves the car Memory Dolls dolls initially produced with a researcher to help his blind wife on paper her novels after which renting them to people looking for her services. As the initial purpose of the car Memory Dolls is just to create the voices to text, another group produced a business that rents beautiful and gifted ladies who, getting exactly the same functions being an original Auto Memory Toy, may also perform related tasks . using the militia or even the army “.

The series continues to be produced by Taichi Ishidate and it is compiled by Reiko Yoshida and Kana Akatsuki in line with the original Akatsuki novel. Animation is supplied by Kyoto Animation.

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Trailer of ‘Violet Evergarden’:

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