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by TechloverSAhmad

Drinking problems come in various shapes and sizes, right from binge drinking and drunk on the job to blackouts and alcohol dependence. 

When it comes to deaddiction, one should know that it is not easy to adjust to something, especially something as drastic as a complete lifestyle change like abstinence.

Finders Keepers 

If you are wondering how to find an AA meeting near you, it is super simple to do that now.

All you need to do is use an AA meeting Locator and an exhaustive list of local AA meetings will pop up on the screen. You can go through it and see which one works out the best for you. 

You can use the search options to refine the list by state, zip code, time and distance too. All these options make it really easy to find a meeting that ticks quite a number of boxes.

Upon refining the search further, a suitable AA meeting will appear on the screen, and you can select the most appropriate one. 

AA in times of Covid

The pandemic has hit all of us hard, especially those who are on the wagon. It became easy to reach out to the bottle and go back to the comfort of oblivion. However, with the passing of time, many AA meetings went online to extend help to members who were cocooned at home.

For new members, it was vital to take those first steps to deaddiction, and remote meetings helped them do just that. 

You just have to go online and check for meetings near you. Once you find one, you have to register for it. With the very first meeting itself, you will find yourself surrounded with support and encouragement from the other members that will keep you motivated to stay firmly on the wagon and beat the urge to imbibe.

Tech support

The use of an online Sobriety Calculator will keep you apprised of the days of your sobriety. As it will surely not be child’s play to resist the temptation to drink, with each passing hour, you will feel that you have a milestone you can be proud of – and it can be right from a day to a month to a year or more.

The best part is you can celebrate every single achievement with your family and friends, safe in the faith that you are well on your way to claiming your life back. 

Info galore

Knowledge is key to survival and knowing the right paths will help you to obtain the kind of support that is difficult to get otherwise. Before you step on the first rung, get as much information about Alcoholics Anonymous and steps to recovery as possible so that you can take the right decision every single time.

For details on AA and how it can help you to beat your addiction, you can check out This site shall open the portals of deaddiction for you and you will find yourself benefitting enormously from the advice given here.

Just remember – the road to recovery is just a meeting away!

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