Advanced Bass Fishing: Reaping the Rewards of Competitive Relaxation

by Carter Toni

While other forms of fishing are meant to reward those with a more relaxed bent, being prime opportunities for people looking to congregate with friends or spend a few hours by themselves in nature, bass fishing is a notably different breed. Bass fishing is for people who like to challenge themselves, who enjoy the thrill of testing their strength against the fish they’ve caught and who crave a feeling of satisfaction like no other when their prize is finally bagged. You might even call bass fishing a corporate sport, a challenge for those who are competitive to the bone and looking to get some thrills out of their blocked-out relaxation time.

Bass fishing is a fun, environmentally-sustainable hobby with a veritable cult following in the US, and hardworking people looking to distance themselves from the grey jungle might find that bass fishing gives them the escape they need. Only bass fishing isn’t like other kinds of fishing, and if you’re new to the sport, you’ll likely need a list of best practices to pull like professional anglers.

Whether you’re new to the sport or are an experienced angler, here are a few tips for making sure you land your next bass.

Bass fishing stands apart from other forms of fishing as it attracts individuals seeking a more competitive edge. Unlike pursuits that cater to a leisurely pace or solitary communion with nature, bass fishing lures those who relish testing their mettle against the powerful bass. It’s a pursuit for those who revel in the exhilaration of pitting their strength against these formidable creatures and relish the unparalleled satisfaction of claiming their fishing trophies. This sport might even be likened to a corporate challenge, drawing in fiercely competitive individuals seeking thrills within their scheduled moments of relaxation.

Choose Your Bait Wisely

While it’s true that bass will eat just about anything, you’ll want to make sure you do your research and choose to use a specific kind of bait depending on the time of year you’ll be fishing. Bass eat different things in different seasons, and while they may still go for a generic bait, chances are it’ll be less effective. Also, you may find that re-using worn-down bait, like a plastic worm that has gotten chowed down on a bit, actually draws more bass your way; bass are predators, so anything you can do to make your bait appear more vulnerable will likely draw more your way.

Learn How to Fish a Jig

Knowing how to fish a jig is a foundational skill for would-be bass anglers, as jigs can imitate a variety of creatures that bass would consider prey, like crawfish, perch, and the like. By stringing together a jig and dragging it across the bottom of the riverbed, bass are likely to take your jig for an easy dinner and pounce, and the versatility of jigs tends to make it easier to get them into spots where bass tend to hide, like areas with overhanging cover. If you’re still a little confused on how to fish a jig, visit for more info.

Keep Inclement Weather in Mind

While it may be somewhat counterintuitive to newbies to the scene, bass typically come out right before a storm rolls in and can hardly be found afterwards. The pressure from the storm stirs the bass up, causing them to come out in full force, whereas when things are gentler, they’re more lethargic and less likely to bite. If you notice that the Weather Channel is forecasting a storm near your favorite fishing hole, don’t hesitate to head there right away; even with the unpleasantness of fishing in inclement weather, the likelihood of landing bass is more than worth the discomfort.

Above All, Be Persistent

Chances are that with the widespread availability of bass and their notorious aggression, the odds are in your favor for having one bite eventually. So don’t be discouraged if you find that when you initially cast in a well-known bass fishing spot, you aren’t getting anything. You can either continue casting in that same spot, as bass are sometimes known to be ornery and likely to bite if you pester them often, or you can just move to a different location down the way and start over. While bass fishing is more exciting than most other kinds of fishing, fishing overall is still a sport of patience, and some may be required of you as you attempt to hook your first, or even five-hundredth, bass.

Relieve Your Stress With This All-Natural Hobby

With the demands that the modern workplace can place on us, it’s nice sometimes to get away into nature and do something that engages our competitive aspect differently. If you find that the paperwork is piling up, the chair you’re sitting in has begun to mold itself to your posterior, or that you just want to get away for a while, try bass fishing and use these tips to hook your first base: it’s an addictive hobby that just might get you through your next crazy work week.

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