All About Friendships Day 2022 and Its Celebration

by Glenn Maxwell

Introduction – 

One of the things that many people don’t know about friends is that, “friends are like a blessing in disguise”. Friends can be like your soulmates and they are like a shadow to us. So, you should always celebrate one day in your life i.e., the friendships day. Many people don’t know when is friendship day 2022. Friendship day 2022 is on 30th July. You can also browse in Google and check. Though, friendship day was somewhere celebrated in the month of August and the next day was also called the enemy day. Isn’t it funny? So, during the friendship day many people celebrate it with their friends they tie the bands, give chocolates and enjoy the company of their friends. 

when is friendship day 2022

Friendships Day in India – 

The Indian friendship day 2022 was celebrated on 30th July. You should always cherish a friend. Friends are like an umbrella that protect you from the unwanted rains. Besides that, there are many countries that celebrates the international friendship day on 30th July. Different places like different countries have different dates of celebrating the friendship day. Apart from that, friendship day 2021 was also celebrated on 30th July. If you have missed wishing your friends a happy friendship day, then there is nothing to stress about. 

Friendships Day in August – 

You can wish friendship day 2023 to your friends which falls on Sunday 30th July. But again, there is a thing to wonder how the friendship day started to be celebrated in July, when actually friendships day is celebrated in the month of August, just like 15th August. Earlier there was a time when people celebrated august 1 friendship day. But whatever may be the case, the international friendship day is celebrated on 30th July, and may be this is what the people have accepted and they follow the same. So, you can also celebrate the day in the month of July. 

Friendships Day in UK – 

Apart from all of that, friendship day 2022 uk is also celebrated on 30th July, 2022. There are many different countries that have their different times of celebration, but there was a reason as to why this day was made international and why many people celebrate the international friendship day. The friendship day count is also there. Apart from that, in the year 2011, the United Nations decided to keep a day for international friendship day with the thought that friendship between cultures and countries and people can help to bring peace and efforts and mend bridges between the people and their community. 

UN Nations Promoting Peace – 

Besides that, the United Nations wanted to bring young people and future leaders in the activities of the community which comprises of different cultures and promotion of understanding and respect for diversity internationally. As, such there is no friendship day 2022 game. You can also check online for the details about friendship day and other. There is only international friendships day which people have started to celebrate and there is not much details about the friendship which is specifically celebrated. But in India, the friendships day started in August.

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