Analysis of custom silicone products from the perspective of silicone manufacturers!

by Glenn Maxwell

Custom silicone products are a key development direction in the elastomer industry. Provide more convenience and help to people in production and life. In various fields, silicone products have been widely used, such as automobile, mining, tourism, architectural design and other fields. Silicone products are at the heart of silicone manufacturers. Custom silicone products also provide a very large use for manufacturing industries such as mechanical equipment and electronic devices. Their future development prospects are huge.

Among the silicone products that people often see in the daily necessities of silicone products, the most eye-catching is the customized silicone parts, which are indispensable in almost every field and life. questions in. Equally important are the silicone manufacturers.

Processing technology of custom silicone products

  1. Preparation of silica gel raw materials: Silicone rubber materials are prepared from purchased silica gel raw materials and various supporting agents.
  2. Plasticizing method: Silicone rubber itself has strong elasticity, so it is changed to mixing method in the manufacturing process. It is not easy to manufacture due to the lack of necessary plasticity in the manufacturing process.
  3. Mixing method: After the mixing process, according to the selection and different characteristics of silica gel products in various industries, various cooking agents are added to the production of silica gel raw materials, and then added to the rubber mixer. The kneading method is carried out in it, and the material obtained after the kneading method is the raw material for the manufacture of semi-finished silicone rubber with various properties.

Processing technology of custom silicone products

4 Vulcanization setting method: All silicone products and rubber products are formed by the setting method in the vulcanization setting method stage, and various molded products are formed after the manufacturing is completed.

For buyers, the main point of buying custom silicone products is to find a reliable supplier, because high-quality manufacturers can provide you with good sources of goods, and these manufacturers have one thing in common, that is, their supporting industries are very complete.

How to choose a reliable silicone manufacturer?

For example, if you want to hand over a batch of silicone products to the buyer, you need to draw, mold, mix, form, spray, screen, package and other procedures. Then, if these steps can be completed in a silicone manufacturing plant, it means that this silicone product processing factory is a high-quality manufacturer, and buyers here will definitely be able to get the goods in a shorter time.

First, the hardware workshop: We need related hardware production lines. The hardware factory is a very traditional processing factory. The scale of the factory is large and small, and some silicone products will also use hardware. The manufacturing capabilities of silicone manufacturers can be reflected in many ways.

Second, the printing workshop: quite a lot of products need to be printed with various patterns, and now many silicone product customization customers will require relevant patterns and LOGOs to be printed on the surface and inner side of the product.

Third, the oil injection workshop: because silicone has a more hand feel, it is generally used to spray hand feel oil, and such silicone products are mostly silicone protective covers, silicone daily necessities and other silicone products that come into contact with the skin Mostly!

The above briefly talked about the needs of some supporting suppliers of related silicone products. Therefore, when buying silicone products, it is best to check whether the manufacturer has a complete supply link, so that you can wholesale to a good source of goods.

How to choose a reliable silicone manufacturer


Rubber products and custom silicone products are produced in almost the same way and with different materials in the production process. The biggest difference between silicone products and rubber and plastic products is that silicone products are harmless and tasteless, and rubber and plastic products are more or less harmful to the body. For example, xylene can come into contact with toxic substances in rubber and plastic products. Today, many silicone products have replaced rubber and plastic products. However, due to the different material costs of silicone products and rubber and plastic products, the selection methods are also different.

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