Anupama Written Update Of 6th December 2023: Today’s Episode And More-

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Anupama written Update Of 6th December 2023

If you’ve been following the hit TV show “Anupama,” you’re in for an exciting recap of the episode that aired on December 6, 2023. This popular show has been consistently grabbing high TRP ratings, and the storyline continues to captivate viewers. In this episode, we witness the ongoing struggles of a resilient woman facing life’s challenges head-on.

Leela’s Restlessness

The episode begins with Leela, who appears agitated and expresses her desire to end her life before witnessing any more of the unfolding drama. Hasmukh and Dimple attempt to console her during this difficult moment.

Anupama’s Rebuke

Anupama, known for her unwavering principles, scolds Leela for her inappropriate behavior towards Riya. Malti intervenes, advising Anupama not to raise her voice at Anu. However, Anupama is adamant and asks Malti to refrain from interfering in the matter. Anu, struggling with inner turmoil, declares her unwillingness to engage with Anupama.

Anuj’s Inquiry

Anuj, on the other hand, questions Anu about her actions, hinting that he has learned about her recent conduct. Meanwhile, Romil and Nidhi discuss their plans to take care of each other while living abroad. Romil, despite his ambition for success, reveals his melancholy about leaving his family behind.

An Unveiled Truth

Anupama and Anuj press Anu for answers regarding her mistreatment of Riya. Anu confesses that her friends have threatened to cut ties with her if she continues to associate with Riya. Anupama points out Anu’s mistakes, attributing her stern reprimand to the fact that Anu is an adopted child.

A Shocking Revelation

Anu shocks everyone by revealing that she has never scolded Pakhi for her misbehavior. Malti, displaying her anger towards Anupama, criticizes her for not instilling good values in Anu. Tempers flare as Anupama blames Leela’s actions for Pakhi’s stubbornness and instructs her not to meddle in her affairs.

Vanraj’s Announcement

In the midst of the chaos, Vanraj drops a bombshell—he has secured a new job. Kavya, his former flame, returns to the household. Anuj and Anupama find themselves deeply troubled by Anu’s behavior and resolve to identify the instigator behind her actions.

Malti’s Influence

Conversely, Malti imparts a negative lesson to Anu, encouraging her to stand her ground and not apologize to Riya. Despite Anupama’s efforts to offer Anu breakfast, she continues to display her defiance. Pakhi, ever the sharp observer, comments on Anu’s change of heart. Ankush advises Pakhi not to interfere.

An Olive Branch

Anuj and Anupama suggest that Anu extend an olive branch to Riya by creating a sorry card. As Anu contemplates this idea, her gaze falls upon Malti, who appears to hold a significant influence over her.

Pakhi’s Dilemma

Pakhi voices her grievances to Vanraj, claiming that Anupama doesn’t care about her. Vanraj, in response, urges Pakhi to return to the Shah household. The show appears to be at a turning point, promising even more captivating developments.

To catch all the excitement and drama, don’t forget to tune in to “Anupama” on Starplus. This episode has left viewers eagerly anticipating what’s in store next.


The latest episode of “Anupama” delves into the intricate dynamics of family relationships, the impact of peer pressure, and the resilience of a woman determined to stand her ground. As the plot thickens, viewers are in for a rollercoaster of emotions and dramatic twists.


  1. When does “Anupama” air on Starplus?

    Anupama” airs on Starplus, and you can catch the latest episodes as they air.

  2. What challenges will Anupama face in the upcoming episodes?

    While we can’t spoil the surprises, rest assured that Anupama’s journey is bound to be filled with challenges and triumphs.

  3. How can I watch the show if I missed an episode?

    You can watch previous episodes of “Anupama” on the official Starplus website or app.

  4. What role does Anuj play in Anupama’s life?

    Anuj’s character holds a significant place in Anupama’s life, and his actions often influence the storyline.

  5. Is there a particular episode that stands out as a must-watch in the series?

    Every episode of “Anupama” has its own unique charm, so we recommend starting from the beginning to fully immerse yourself in the story.

Don’t miss out on the drama, emotions, and captivating storyline of “Anupama.” Tune in to Starplus for all the latest updates.

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