Is Wilma Acosta Missing? What Really Happened to Wilma Acosta?

by Moore Martin

Is Wilma Acosta Missing

In recent weeks, the city of Portland has been gripped by a sense of unease and concern as the search for 28-year-old Wilma Acosta continues. This young woman, who relocated to Portland for a job opportunity at Kaiser Permanente, vanished without a trace on November 26. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have left her family, friends, and local authorities baffled. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Wilma Acosta’s mysterious disappearance, the efforts to find her, and the questions that remain unanswered.

Specifications Details
Name Wilma Acosta
Age 28
Location Portland, Oregon
Missing Since November 26, 2023
Last Seen Leaving Dixie Tavern in Old Town, Portland
Height 5 feet, 5 inches
Appearance Black hair, tattoos (including an “X” on right knee and a deer on left knee)
Clothing Last seen wearing a black coat and jeans
Occupation Phlebotomist at Kaiser Permanente

The Vanishing Act

Wilma Acosta’s story takes a perplexing turn on the night of November 26, 2023. She was last seen leaving a bar in Old Town, a bustling neighborhood in Portland known for its nightlife. According to her friends, they attempted to keep track of her whereabouts through her phone, which ultimately led them to the Japanese American Historical Plaza along the Willamette River. However, despite their efforts, Wilma was nowhere to be found.

Concerned Family and Friends

Wilma’s sudden disappearance raised alarm bells among her family and friends. She had been a dedicated employee at Kaiser Permanente, and her absence from work, coupled with her lack of communication, was highly unusual. In response to her unexplained absence, her loved ones have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve been actively searching for her throughout the city and distributing flyers with her image and information.

Police Investigation

Local law enforcement agencies have not taken Wilma’s disappearance lightly. The police have launched a thorough investigation into her case. So far, there is no concrete evidence pointing to foul play. However, the absence of any indication of her whereabouts has only added to the concern and anxiety surrounding her disappearance.

Community Concern

As the days turn into weeks, the community’s concern for Wilma Acosta continues to grow. It’s not just her friends and family who are worried, but the entire city of Portland. The mystery of her disappearance has left people with many questions and very few answers.


1. When was Wilma Acosta last seen?
Wilma Acosta was last seen on November 26, 2023.

2. Where was Wilma Acosta last seen leaving?
She was last seen leaving a bar in Old Town, Portland.

3. What did her friends do when she went missing?
Her friends tracked her phone to the Japanese American Historical Plaza but did not find her.

4. What is Wilma Acosta’s occupation?
Wilma Acosta is a phlebotomist at Kaiser Permanente.

5. What is her appearance like?
Wilma has black hair and several tattoos, including an “X” on her right knee and a deer on her left knee.

In conclusion, the disappearance of Wilma Acosta remains a perplexing and deeply concerning mystery. While her family, friends, and the authorities continue to search for answers, the community is left in suspense, hoping for her safe return. If you have any information that could help locate Wilma Acosta, please contact the local authorities immediately.

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