Are Adin Ross and Demisux Still Together? Who is Adin Ross? Adin Ross and Demisux Relationship Timeline!

by Moore Martin

Are Adin Ross and Demisux Still Together

Are Adin Ross and Demisux Still Together


In the realm of online streaming, relationships often become public spectacles. The journey of Adin Ross and Demisux, two prominent Twitch streamers, exemplifies this phenomenon. Let’s delve into their relationship timeline and the events leading to its dissolution.

Who are Adin Ross and Demisux?

Adin David Ross, a Twitch streamer born on October 11, 2000, gained fame for his NBA 2K and GTA V streams. Despite facing personal challenges, including a harrowing incident where he was stabbed at 12, Ross persevered, building a substantial following.

Full Name Adin David Ross
Date of Birth October 11, 2000
Birthplace Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Occupation Online Streamer
Known For Collaborations with celebrities, NBA 2K, GTA V streams
Platforms Twitch (former), Kick (current)
Start of Career Began regularly streaming on Twitch


DemiSux, a Twitch and Kick streamer, remains a prominent figure in the gaming community. With her Fortnite streams and collaboration with Adin Ross, she garnered significant attention, boasting a dedicated fanbase.

Adin Ross’s Career

Ross’s career trajectory includes memorable moments, such as streaming with LeBron James’s son and contemplating an interview with Kanye West. His decision to switch from Twitch to Kick marked a pivotal juncture in his streaming journey.

Demisux’s Journey

DemiSux’s rise to prominence stemmed from her engaging gaming content and her association with Adin Ross. Her success on both Twitch and Kick solidified her status as a notable streamer.

Summer 2023: Rumors Spark

Speculation surrounding Adin Ross and Demisux’s relationship emerged as they frequently appeared together on streams. Fans speculated about their chemistry, laying the groundwork for their eventual confirmation.

New Year’s Eve 2023: Official Confirmation

Their relationship became public knowledge during a collaborative stream on New Year’s Eve. Adin Ross sealed their status with a midnight kiss, affirming their romantic involvement.

January 2024: Turbulence in Paradise

Disagreements surfaced, notably when Demisux inadvertently disclosed footage of Adin’s new car. Tensions escalated, casting doubt on the stability of their relationship.

February 2024: Public Fallout

Accusations of infidelity rocked the foundation of their relationship. Adin Ross’s public announcement of their breakup contrasted with Demisux’s denial, leaving followers puzzled about their true status.


Adin Ross and Demisux’s relationship journey reflects the complexities of modern-day romance, exacerbated by public scrutiny and digital platforms. Despite the tumultuous end, their story remains a testament to the intricacies of online relationships.


1. Are Adin Ross and Demisux currently together?

As of now, Adin Ross and Demisux are no longer together. Their relationship has ended amidst controversy and allegations, marking a significant shift from their previously confirmed romance.

2. When did Adin Ross and Demisux start dating?

Their relationship began in the summer of 2023, with rumors circulating after they were frequently seen together on live streams. It was officially confirmed during a collaborative New Year’s Eve stream.

3. What led to the end of Adin Ross and Demisux’s relationship?

Their relationship ended amid controversy and drama, notably after an argument on a stream where Adin became upset over Demisux accidentally revealing footage of his new car. This incident, along with subsequent cheating allegations, contributed to their breakup.

4. How did Adin Ross and Demisux confirm their relationship?

Their relationship was officially confirmed during a collaborative New Year’s Eve stream when Demisux appeared as a surprise guest, and Adin kissed her at midnight, solidifying their status as a couple.

5. What were some notable moments during Adin Ross and Demisux’s relationship?

Notable moments included Adin’s public announcement of their breakup following the car footage incident, as well as the emergence of cheating allegations against Demisux in February 2024.

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