Is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3? Why is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3? Who is Leah Linscheid?

by Moore Martin

Is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3

Is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3


Leah Linscheid’s departure from News 3 Now has stirred curiosity among viewers. This article delves into her decision to transition from her role as a morning anchor and explores the reasons behind her move to WISC-TV’s assistant news director position.

Who is Leah Linscheid?

Leah Linscheid, a prominent figure on News 3 Now, has captivated audiences with her storytelling for over a decade. Starting as an intern in 2012, Leah’s journey at WISC-TV has seen her evolve into various roles, from a reporter to a weekend anchor. With roots in Madison and her alma mater being the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Leah’s commitment to journalism and community engagement has been unwavering.

Is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3?

While Leah bids farewell to her role on News 3 Now This Morning, she remains a part of the station’s fabric. Transitioning to WISC-TV’s assistant news director signifies a new chapter in Leah’s career, allowing her to explore different facets of the news industry while still contributing to the station’s success.

Why is Leah Linscheid Leaving News 3?

Leah’s decision to step away from the morning show is driven by her aspirations for personal and professional growth. After dedicating years to on-air reporting and anchoring, Leah seeks fresh challenges and opportunities to broaden her skill set. Additionally, impending parenthood adds another layer to her decision, as she prepares to balance her career with the responsibilities of raising a family.


Leah Linscheid’s transition marks a significant milestone in her career journey. While viewers may miss her presence on screen, her move to a managerial role reflects her commitment to growth and finding balance in both her professional and personal life.


  1. Who is Leah Linscheid?
    Leah Linscheid is a journalist who has worked at News 3 Now for a decade, starting as an intern and later becoming a reporter and weekend anchor.
  2. Why is Leah Linscheid leaving News 3?
    Leah is leaving her role as a morning anchor to become WISC-TV’s assistant news director, seeking new challenges and professional growth.
  3. Is Leah Linscheid completely leaving News 3?
    No, Leah will still be with the station but in a different capacity, focusing on news strategy rather than on-air reporting.
  4. How long has Leah Linscheid worked at News 3?
    Leah has spent a decade at News 3 Now, starting her journey in 2012.
  5. Is Leah Linscheid expecting a child?
    Yes, Leah is expecting her second child with her husband Zack.

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