Are aluminum cups safe to drink from?

by James Martin

Among the safest metals for containers that we can use to eat and drink from, the metal aluminum is one of them. Along with glass and stainless steel, aluminum is used to manufacture various utensils and other similar products.

Not only aluminum cups are safe to drink from, but they are 100 percent reusable and recyclable. The recyclable feature of aluminum is outstanding for ourselves and the environment. Using plastic or PET bottles and cups are constantly hurting the environment. The biodiversity of our planet, especially the sea creatures, are becoming problematic with each passing day. But with aluminum, we can reduce the waste and use recycled materials more frequently.

The campaign against aluminum

Due to a certain dentist’s unscientific and unproven hypothesis, people started having wrong assumptions about aluminum. Charles Truax Betts is the person behind the mass hysteria against aluminum. Betts was a victim of improper diagnosis, he initially was a patient of gastritis, but due to the wrong diagnosis, he was told by his doctor that he only had three more months to live. After listening to this, Betts, who was a practising dentist, closed his chamber and had thrown away all the materials made out of aluminum from his home.

But he survived the three months deadline and continued to live on. He started his wrong crusade over aluminum products telling that the metal is harmful to the human body. He was absolutely convinced that his theory of aluminum being a poisonous metal was true. He conducted a pugnacious life long campaign against the use of aluminum tools and products. Unfortunately, he never ever thought about if there was anything wrong with his diet, medicine intake or lifestyle. The only thing he blamed was aluminum, and that too without any solid evidence and with this, he created mass hysteria.


This ”aluminum free” propaganda created fear among the general mass, and private companies had taken enormous advantages from it. With the tagline’ tagline’ aluminum free” businessmen made huge profits selling cheap products at higher prices. Even today, people use the same tagline and make a profit out of it because of the fear instilled among the mass.

The Aluminum hypothesis

To worsen things up, a group of scientists came to a conclusion stating that aluminum is the reason behind Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s Disease (AD). In the year 1965, three scientists, namely Klatzo, Terry and Wisniewski, came across an accidental discovery. These scientists stated that they observed the aluminum salts produced an effect similar to that of Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s Disease patients in a rabbit.


But after the discovery, the result was cross-checked by multiple scientists, but the results were absolutely different, and it was concluded that there was no solid evidence to support the claims of these three scientists. It has now become a myth that aluminum causes Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s Disease (AD) in human beings.

Aluminum cups are the better option

It has been scientifically proven that aluminum does not cause any disease to the human body. It is absolutely safe and holds more advantages than any other material. It is lightweight, has aesthetic appeal and is fully recyclable. You can use aluminum cups without any hesitation.






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