Shoe Resoling: Important Facts You Need To Know About

by Carter Toni

Important Facts You Need To Know About

It’s common for the soles of high-quality shoes to wear out before the uppers. Because the softer rubber used on the outsoles is pushed into the ground with every step, it is constantly worn. The normal outsole’s lifespan changes greatly and is made up of many factors, including:

  • How many miles have they mapped?
  • The type of terrain on which they’re used
  • The weight of the wearer
  • The posture and walking patterns of the user

The outsoles of high-end footwear can frequently be replaced through a process known as shoe resoling. Shoe resoling is a cost-effective way to extend the life of high-quality shoes and boots while avoiding the waste of perfectly good uppers.

Things You Should Know About Shoe resoling

When Will You Have Your Shoes Resoled?

What is the best time to have your shoes resolved? It’s sometimes obvious: if the soles are breaking loose or have holes in them, it’s a clear sign they’re worn out and need to be replaced. It’s less clear at some other times. Even if the soles look to be in good condition, it’s possible that they’re being worn thin, resulting in reduced traction and shock absorption.

Shoe repair service says not only do worn-out soles give less traction, but they can be damaging to your feet and joints. So because a shoe has less shock absorbency, the impact of walking is transferred to the ankles, knees, and even hips, rather than being absorbed by the shoe. These jarring impacts, especially while walking long distances, can cause joint pain or discomfort. In addition, uneven wear can affect your stride, causing discomfort.

Traction is also another telltale sign that your soles need to be replaced.  When soles wear out, the tread becomes smooth, increasing your chances of falling on damp, soft, or uneven surfaces. If you find that the bottoms of your shoes have worn out, resoling is an ideal way to transform them into them.

What Kinds of Shoes Can You Resole?

Some shoes cannot be resolved. The ability to resolve a shoe depends entirely on the shoe’s design and manufacture. Replacement soles may not even be available on lower-quality shoes. Even if they are, replacing the sole could be greater than the cost of the shoe, which is inconvenient for bargain customers.

  • Cup Sole Shoes Resoling

Shoes with a cup sole can’t usually be resolved. The rubber cup outsole is permanently bound to the leather uppers with cement, and removing it usually ruins the leather, rendering it impossible to repair.

  • Blake Stitch Shoe Resoling

The shoes’ uppers are stitched directly to the outsoles when using a Blake Stitch with the stitches visual on the insides and bottoms of the shoes. Resoling Blake Stitch shoes is possible, but it requires a Blake Stitch Machine, which increases the costs and difficulty of the process.

  • Resoling Goodyear Welt Shoes

Shoes with Goodyear Welts that need to be resolved The Goodyear welt is among the most common and long-lasting types of shoe creation. A piece of leather (the welt) is applied to the shoe’s perimeter where the outsole joins the top in Goodyear construction.

What is the Process of Shoe Resoling?

The previous stitches are removed first, and the outsoles are separated from the uppers, midsole, and insole during the resolving process (if the insole is stitched in place). To install the new welt and sole, the area where the stitches are joined to the outsole and uppers will be cleaned and polished. A new outsole is stitched on using that stitching style as the old sole.

Hello Laundry, a leading shoe repair service in London, will also clean and polish the uppers and replace the laces for a clean look. When resolving a pair of shoes, you should also replace the insoles that are most likely worn out.  While insoles do not wear out as quickly as outsoles, the insole material might begin to break down and lose its structural stability.


Consult the shoe’s manufacturer to ensure that the shoes can be resolved and that you can find a certified shoe repair service in nearby areas. Shoe repair service are popular in most cities. Still, as there are so many different shoe styles and construction methods, it’s important to confirm with the maker or make sure the resolver has worked with your brand and style before because your shoes accompany you wherever necessary to look after them.

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