Are Tooth Implants Painful?

by Sean Dixon

Have you given any thought to replacing your lost tooth? Our smiles are a reflection of our personality! These are the cornerstone of our confidence and are essential to how we feel about ourselves. We attempt to close the gap left by lost teeth. Dental implants are one of the newest procedures dental offices now offer to repair smiles.

However, bridges and dentures are not the same as dental implants to clear the confusion! As per a dental implant dentist, in Glenview, these treatments require surgery and recuperation. Knowing what the surgery entails will help you anticipate the type and intensity of discomfort you can expect.

But what is this treatment, and what’s involved in the process? Let’s find out in our blog! 

Dental Implant Surgery: What The Process Is Like?

Knowing what happens after a patient receives an implant helps understand how unpleasant the procedure may be. 

To give you an idea, this dental treatment comprises a bone graft used to prepare the area after a patient’s natural tooth is removed before an implant is inserted. As per Glenview dentists, these grafts promote the growth of new bone, strengthening the jawbone and assisting in the appropriate integration of the implant with the bone.

A patient’s dentist drills a hole into the jawbone during dental implant surgery. The hole is leveled with a mix of the metal post. The metal post serves as a substitute for a tooth root. It is necessary to give the post some time to osseointegrate to allow the patient’s jawbone to grow through it. Even though it frequently takes months, this Dental Implants Glenview process is necessary for a healthy implant. 

But how painful is the process? Let’s find out! 

How Painful Is The Implant Process Surgery?

As per professionals at the dental clinic Glenview, gum and jaw damage are involved in dental implant surgery. Since your mouth will lose consciousness before surgery, there’s no feeling of pain during the procedure. However, once the numbness subsides, patients frequently experience some discomfort.

Many dental experts prescribe painkillers to help control discomfort at the implant site. In some situations, chances are that you’ll feel pain post-operation. This type of pain would be moderate with over-the-counter analgesics. Overall, you’ll feel better comfort when opting for implants on a single tooth rather than many. Besides, post the process, it’s normal to feel up to 10 days of pain, with chances of it going away earlier too. 

Besides, individuals must contact a dental expert immediately if extreme discomfort continues after ten days. Long-lasting pain could indicate infection at the implant site. If this is the situation, the dentist must take urgent action to salvage the implant.

Now You Know!

No dental patient enjoys experiencing any kind of discomfort. The concern of post-operative pain should not, however, deter those who are thinking about getting dental implants. 

Once the implant treatment is complete, the patient will have a stunningly restored smile because implants are intended to be a permanent tooth replacement. Therefore, it is always wise to consider the professionals at teeth implant Glenview to get the best possible treatments!

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