Involved In Digital Marketing Or E-Commerce? Check Out These Awesome Chrome Extensions To Give You A Boost

by Carter Toni

f you are an entrepreneur or involved in digital marketing, one of the most difficult aspects is actually figuring out the nuts and bolts of the business. With sufficient data analysis and monetization plans, you can jump over this seemingly difficult burden, but with good tech tools for your browser, you can add even greater amounts of value to your enterprise by simply making your business and advertisement processes easier.

Advantageous Tools For E-Commerce Websites

Chrome Extension Buffer

First off, if you have an e-commerce website, it is obvious that you will also have a website to promote your business. However, what most people do not understand is that if there is not enough content on your website, not only does it make your product or services look boring and bland, it sometimes even looks illegitimate to the customers! (Gasp – you certainly do not want this to be your business or you, do you?) Apart from missing out on potential audience and customers, even the current customers you have may be reluctant to avail the services of your enterprise or purchase from you if your website looks shady. But we all know – with the multiplicity of social media platforms all across the web, putting out quality content on all platforms can be difficult. With Chrome Extension Buffer, you can not only seamlessly post information across a variety of platforms, but you can also space out the content in a timed manner giving your customers an impression of constant engagement! (Go on, give it a go!)

Chrome Extension Factory Confirm

While this is more for companies that have actual products to source, if you are having issues on deciding between countless potential manufacturers and suppliers, Factory Confirm is for you. Analysing a variety of data points as company pages, third party searches, manufacturers own data Factory Confirm analyses as to whether it is possible for your manufacturer to actually meet the manufacturing needs of your enterprise!

For the Digital Marketing Buffs

For digital marketing buffs, on our shortlist features RiteTag, Wappalyzer, and SEO Quake.

Chrome Extension Wappalyzer

Sneaky, but perfect. With Wappalzyer, you can check the software programs on the websites you visit providing you a great and an insightful tool to understand what the competitors are doing different from you, or what those industry leaders are up to! This is not only a unique extension, but is also pretty awesome to gain some really cool knowledge.

Chrome Extension SEO Quake

If you are wondering as to how you could check basic SEO information, whether for yourself or to check out a competitors info, head over to download SEO quake. Various search engine rankings, an important part of understanding how a company is doing in terms of SEO, is also provided by the extension SEO quake.

Chrome Extension RiteTag

Do not spend your precious time breaking your head on possible hashtags that you can use. Ritetag provides popular hashgtags that you can use for your digital marketing ventures, and also tells you what hashtags are the least popular, and what not to use.

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