Benefits and Different Types Of Dates

by Carter Toni

Different Types Of Dates

There exist various kinds of dry fruits, dates (khajoor) being one of them. They are usually cultivated during fall and winter in small clusters. Dates have been around for thousands of years and hold significance in many cultures including Islamic traditions, since they are grown mostly in tropical countries such as Saudi Arabia. They are known to be a holy fruit in the Middle East and the date palm trees on which they grow is considered by many to be ‘The tree of life’. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad encouraged the usage of dates, and preached about their benefits. Khajoor’s sweet taste acts as a misleading factor for some people who aren’t aware of its health benefits and assume that it is just high in sugar, when in fact it is the most antioxidant rich dry fruit to exist. Have you ever checked ajwa dates benefits ever, well you can check below.

You must keep in mind a few things when buying dates:

  1. They shouldn’t be too wrinkled or dry. Dates are known to be chewy– not hard to eat.
  2. Aim for plump dates, ones that seem shiny.
  3. Each date should be distinguishable from the other rather than looking like a crushed date jam.
  4. They are long lasting if stored correctly. Dates will last for weeks if you keep them in an airtight jar in the fridge.

There are numerous kinds of dates to choose from, their appearance varies depending on the type. Listed below are some of the best dates to go for :

ajwa dates benefits

1. Mejdool dates

These dates are the most extensively farmed ones, and as a result they are the most accessible. They are bigger and plumper than most dates and are best used in your recipes because of their maple-like consistency and rich flavor.

2. Deglet Noor

They are the second most popularly found date variety, after Mejdool dates. They are mildly sweet and have a nutty flavor to them, which makes them an amazing snack to nibble on. When cooked, they keep their shape and are a great choice for braises and roasts.

3. Barhi dates

Barhi dates are exceptionally sweet and soft, they taste like a delectable candy, and are best eaten as a snack. They are not as easily available because of their fragility and tendency to collapse and get squished during shipping.

4. Halawi dates

Like Barhi dates, these dates too, taste somewhat like candy – caramel to be precise. They are smaller in size than the rest of the dates, but they are quick to melt in your mouth because of their extremely gooey texture.

5. Ajwa dates

These are the healthiest of all dates, with the highest antioxidant count. They are known as ‘the holy date’ most probably because they are cultivated exclusively in Al-Madinah – one of the holiest cities in Saudi Arabia. Snacking on them comes with its own advantages – they keep your heart healthy, are a great source of calcium, maintain blood pressure and improve digestive functions. Al Madina dates are the best one recommended by the doctors

If you don’t eat dates, it is suggested to find innovative ways to include them in your diet. In case you do already eat them, maybe you should try their many different varieties, and find out which one suits you best – for all dates have a different taste and unique quality about them.

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