Medical Properties of A2 Cow Ghee for Health Benefits

by Carter Toni

A2 Desi Ghee

A2 cow ghee is the purest of all clarified butter. People make this ghee in their households using the traditional bilona method. This ghee is made from a2 desi cow milk. This ghee has a golden yellow color and a unique aroma.

A2 desi cow ghee has a high nutritious value. So, provide many health benefits and treat medical conditions.

So, here we are going to discuss the nutritional values and facts, and health benefits of this ghee:

Nutritional Values And Facts

This ghee is rich in health benefits because of its nutritious value. So, here we are going to mention some important nutritional facts and values per tablespoon:

  • A2 cow ghee contains natural fat that is good for health. It contains approx 14g.
  • It does not contain any sodium, which is good for kidney health.
  • You can find 0.04g of protein.
  • Vitamin A is essential for a human boy. A2 ghee contains 438 IU of vitamin A.
  • This ghee contains 15 mcg of vitamin D. This benefits our health.
  • You can find 0.4 mg of vitamin C. It is also beneficial for health.
  • Vitamin k is an important substance for your body. So, This ghee contains 1.2 mcg of this vitamin.
  • Choline benefits the human body. This ghee has 2.5 mg of choline per.
  • Omega is highly nutritious for your body. A2 ghee contains 45 mg of omega.


This highly nutritious ghee provides many health benefits and improves our health difficulties. So, let’s find out the benefits of this ghee:

Increased Heart Health

Regular oil or ghee contains regular fat that affects the health of the human heart. So, doctors and researchers consider this as bad fat. These fats can increase the level of bad cholesterol and cause cardiac arrest, heart failure, and other major heart problems.

This fat can also increase our overall body fat level, which causes obesity. Therefore, regular ghee is not ideal if you are following a diet.

Here comes a2 ghee as a better alternative than regular oil and ghee. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce bad cholesterol in the heart. It also strengthens your heart, giving it a boost. So, you must remove the regular ghee and oil and add this ghee to gain better health.

Improves The Functions Of the Brain

Researchers prove daily consumption of a2 ghee can improve the functions of the nervous system. It also increases IQ, EQ, concentration, and memorizing power by boosting Your brain. It can reduce the heat of your brain to function properly. Therefore, choosing this ghee instead of regular ghee and butter is good for your brain.

Energy Source:

A2 cow ghee boosts human body development and growth. It contains some elements that help in quick recovery and increase the density of bone. Therefore, doctors consider it a great energy source.

Presence OF Antioxidants And Minerals:

A2 cow ghee is a great source of essential vitamins and natural antioxidants. It contains vitamins B2 and B3. So, it helps to lower cholesterol and boost immunity. It also has Omega 9 and 3.

Presence Of Good Fat:

This ghee is full of nutritional value. It provides the human body with carbohydrates and good fats. These are necessary to sustain a healthy body.

Healing Effect: 

This ghee can naturally heal the body. So, It is beneficial for chronic diseases and mental and physical weakness.

High Smoke Point:

Cooking regular oil and ghee in high-temperature releases loads of toxic fumes, but a2 ghee does not release toxic fumes in similar temperatures.

No Saturated Fat:

Cooking this ghee at high temperatures does not release saturated fat like other regular cooking oil and ghee.

Inflammation Controle:

This ghee contains compounded linoleic acid and anti-inflammatory qualities that help the human body.

Treats Different Health Conditions:

A2 cow ghee has many health-improving properties that treat many medical conditions like asthma, Stomach alignment, heart blockage, brunt skin, and bone health.

Immunity Booster:

A2 ghee contains A, K, C, and D vitamins. So, These vitamins fulfill your daily required nutrition and boost your immunity power. Therefore, this ghee is especially beneficial for kids and teens who are still in their growing stages. Cause boosting immunity and bone density is necessary for a growing kid.

Good for Digestion:

Regular cooking oil and ghee cause various health issues and digestion problems. At the same time, this ghee is very easy to digest compared to other cow ghee and even better in tests.

Therefore, this ghee can be an ideal choice for adults and teenagers. It helps to reduce the problems of constipation, bloating, and the problems of digestion. It is beneficial for acidic patients because it reduces the acidic properties in your body. This ghee nourishes your body by providing detoxifying properties that improve your health.


This golden-colored ghee is as valuable as a gold mine containing nutrition and health benefits. So, using it regularly can change your health and improve your immunity.

Even doctors and researchers confirm its various health benefits. So, if you are looking for a healthier and better lifestyle, you must include a2 cow ghee in your diet.

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