Benefits of Lusso Portofino LVT!

by Glenn Maxwell

LVT floors are a popular choice for homes and businesses today. Offering practicality, easy maintenance, and luxurious designs, they are ideal for homeowners on a budget. There is a huge choice of LVT flooring on the market, but one that is quickly rising in popularity is the Lusso Portofino collection.

Introduced by Stories Flooring, the Lusso Portofino collection easily rivals top brands such as Amtico and Karndean. So, what benefits does this exclusive range have to offer? Find out everything you need to know below.

Affordable and luxurious

The Lusso Portofino LVT collection is both affordable and luxurious. The floors in this range offer the same level of quality as well-known brands, yet they come at just a small fraction of the cost. This makes them a much better choice for those looking to save on luxury flooring.

The designs of the range are hyper-realistic thanks to an excellent quality photographic top layer. Choose from a great range of wood effects, including oak, maple, and ash. There are also striking Herringbone designs available, perfect for those seeking a more distinctive look.

The choice of designs and exceptional quality of these floors makes them some of the best LVT products on the market.

Secure installation for excellent durability

The Portofino LVT range needs to be glued down during installation. This can be a messy job that is best left to professional floor fitters. However, it is possible to fit them yourself following the manufacturer instructions.

The fact that the floors are secured down means they benefit from added stability. They won’t move over time, and it can also increase their durability. When the floor is stuck down directly onto the subfloor, it better absorbs the shock of footsteps. This in turn prevents long-term wear and tear.

For peace of mind, the Lusso Portofino range is provided with a 20-year manufacturer guarantee.

Underfloor heating compatible

While the floors in the new Lusso range might look just like real wood, they aren’t impacted by changes in temperature. This means they are largely suitable for use with underfloor heating. This lets you boost the floor’s comfort during colder winter weather. You will find these floors are naturally warm and comfortable to walk over all year round.

Eco friendly design

Another benefit Lusso Portofino LVT brings to the table, is its eco-friendly design. The floors are produced using sustainable methods, keeping their environmental impact to a minimum. They also don’t produce any harmful volatile organic compounds, making them a safer choice for family homes.

There is no denying the new Lusso Portofino range is one of the best LVT collections on the market. Sold at a remarkably low cost at Stories Flooring, giving your home a luxury transformation has never been more affordable.

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