Best 15 Affiliate Marketing Platforms

by Carter Toni

First of all, you must know that affiliate network is nothing but an intermediary between the publishers or you can say the affiliate marketers who sell the products, services and the merchant who helps to create those products and services. There are a number of affiliate platform names, which offers commission based payment for promoting the vendor products. Mentioned below are the names of some of the affiliate platform. They are:

  • Affiliate Window – (AWIN): Previously AWIN was known as the Affiliate Window after they acquired Zanox they changed their name to AWIN. The main advantage of using Affiliate Window as an affiliate platform is that they pay out almost twice in a month with a minimum payout of 20 dollars.
  • Shareasale: It is one of the affiliate platforms from where the blogger can take a lot of benefits. The reason behind it is that they have a marketplace, which is full of merchants, which delivers almost everything, which you need. Hence, you can say that at this platform you will always find some relevant products on which you can write and promote.
  • MaxBounty: Well, if you are thinking how much you can earn from the MaxBounty affiliate platform then let me tell you that if you are doing the promotion task in a proper way, then you can get a good monthly income. The main reason for which the customers are attracted to this platform is that it also gives some fascinating offer.
  • Tradedoubler: This affiliate platform was founded by two most young Swedish entrepreneurs, and now they have offices in various countries, including Europe and the UK. The main reason for their success is that they provide smarter results for both the clients as well as the affiliates. And they do this with the help of their innovative technology.
  • CJ Affiliate: CJ Affiliate is also known as the commission junction is an affiliate marketing platform which has collaboration with many different companies. The best part of the CJ Affiliate is that they offer you a big network of the giant companies but only once you are accepted. Here, you need to apply for each of the vendors in order to start working for them.
  • Flexoffers: You can say that Flexoffers is giant affiliate platform, which helps to connect the big budget advertiser with the bloggers and the content creator. You will be shocked to know that there are more than twelve thousands of affiliate programs, and they are divided into dozen of broad and almost hundreds of different sub-category. While talking about the earning, you will be astonished to know that you can earn as much as fifty percent of the earning that is referred by you.
  • Viglink: It is an innovative affiliate platform, and it helps to connect you with more than thousands of merchants, which include some of the big brands like Amazon, AliExpress and etc. The main advantage of Viglink is that instead of limiting to just one merchant, the Viglink changes the source of your affiliate link and they select the one, which offers more conversion rate and commission.
  • JVZoo: This platform is best for professional marketers as they help you to host and also create a landing page. The commission rate, which is offered in this affiliate platform differs based on the product by most of them, offers you as high as fifty percent of the revenue they generate from your referral. Apart from this, the main advantage of JVZoo is that they enable access to experienced marketers for the product launch. You can join this platform for free, and at the same time, you can also apply for the instant payout.
  • Rakuten: It is one of the leading online stores, and you can find almost everything here. That is from the high end electronics to the pet supplies. And if you help them to sell their product, then they also offer your commission for the same. This is a good way to get some benefit by simply referring to your friend or relative to buy any particular product.
  • Peerfly: We all know the fact that it is one of the award winning and also the international online affiliate platform. The reason for which it holds the title for the same is that they remove the cost, the risk, and also the headache which is usually involved with the traditional online advertisement. The company is not a large scale one, and so there are chances that you will get fast personal services.
  • LinkConnector: This affiliate platform is mainly for the experienced affiliates who are looking for the way to expand this reach. Well, talking about the commission so it depends based on the products. Moreover, this platform is best for the one who works in fashion and the home niches.
  • AvanGate ( 2Checkout): AvanGate is one of the big players in digital commerce. It is backed by the cloud platform which focuses only on online commerce. You will be shocked to know that more than four thousand digital business trust AvanGate. In order to provide payment flexibility, AvanGate has also acquired the 2Checkout, which was the online payment processing platform.
  • ClickFunnels: The affiliate program of ClickFunnels is really amazing as once you refer someone to buy product or service, then you can get forty percent of the revenue. And if in case you are referring any other affiliate then you can get almost five percent of the revenue that they generate.
  • Sendible: It is a social media management tool which enables the online marketers to schedule and also manage different social account simultaneously. You will find that only one product is listed for sale in the Sendible affiliate program, and that is none other than the Sendible web app. They also offer a fixed commission rate of thirty percent.
  • SEMRush: You will be astonished to know that the promotional material for SEMRush is available in almost five different languages. Moreover, you can also say that the sign up process is very easy and fast as the applicant is approved automatically. The best thing is that you can earn a commission up to forty percent.

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