SEMrush: Providing A Finer, Bigger And Better Link Database

by Carter Toni

Every business owner has to make certain decisions to maintain their business growth. These decisions must be based on data and facts, and not just theories and speculations. Today, there are various tools available on the internet, which allow a person to view numerous raw facts and make their decision depending upon it.


What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a search engine marketing tool that allows you to gather all necessary information about your domain and your competitor’s as well. SEMrush can provide you a bunch of valuable information regarding backlinks, website traffic, social media, SEO, keywords, ad campaigns and much more. This will allow you to know the performance of your website as well as competitor website, which can further allow you to make the best decisions.

SEMrush allows e-commerce website owners and entrepreneurs to understand how their competitors have crafted their marketing opportunities. This makes way for the individual to implement the same marketing opportunities for their business. By using the tool, you can save yourself from committing mistakes and can learn directly from a competitor’s success and benefit from it.

Why SEMrush?

SEMrush employs a plethora of power tools to help business owners in order to improve their marketing efforts. This includes PPC, SEO, SERP, social media, backlinks, content marketing, keyword research and implementation. All of this can allow you to truly understand the analytics and data behind your site, and compare it to your competitors. This way, you can improve your website by finding lacking parts and work on opportunities.

Who should use it?

SEMrush is not the ideal platform for a new entrepreneur just starting up his or her business, it is for business owners that want to grow their current business reach, get more results and boost their overall traffic.

SEMrush present themselves with a comprehensive SEO tool kits, with a plethora of features. In a nutshell, it can help you find out your competitors and the top competitors in your own niche. Point out the most valuable keywords your competitors rank for. Learn from where your competitors get their backlinks. Track the keywords and monitor their ranking position, and inform exactly what keyword you can use for your pages, blogs posts and products.

SEMrush can be the ideal marketing tool for business owner that want to uplift their business to new heights and wish to take their research capabilities to the next level. Not only will you be able to track data better, you will be able to make reports, analyse and implement suggestions that can provide a great boost to your business.

It is essentially for people who are ready to do the research work for the betterment of their business and want to take quick action to improve their website.

Important of Link Building

Search engine optimization can be rather tricky, especially with all its complex intertwined moving parts. In order to grab the top ranking, you have to rigorously perform steps both off-site and on-site.

Link building is one of the major aspects of SEO, which truly allows you to maintain your ‘authority’ in eyes of the search engines. A good link building profile is often praised and preferred by search engines, and can allow you to rise to the top of SERPs for your targeted keywords.

Linking building is a slow and ongoing process. The top websites have thousands and even millions of backlinks. Tracking the links which are pointing towards your domain is extremely important. While good quality incoming links are essential, bad quality incoming links can often damage your website reputation and can potentially lead to your site being termed as a spammy website.

By tracking all incoming links, you can differentiate between the good quality links from the bad quality links. You can then either contact the website owner to remove those links or disown them through Google’s own disowning tool. This will allow you to save yourself from having a damaged link profile and potentially getting penalized.

A Major Overhaul in the Backlinks Analytics Tool

Recently, SEMrush has done a major improvement in by updating the quality of their backlink data. Backlinks Analytics is one of the many tools offered by SEMrush that allows the user to put in a URL and scan all its backlinks and related information. The data gathered is from a huge backlink database. And as mentioned by SEMrush, they have done a complete overhaul of their data-gathering process and made way for major improvements in this database.

As claimed by the company itself, a number of things from crawlers to storage has significantly improved. Short information on these are as below:

Crawler: In order to remove all boundaries and drawbacks present due to the existing architecture, SEMrush has actually rewritten their crawler from scratch. This has present an entirely new approach for the data gathering process, paving path for even more data!

Crawling queue: The crawling queue has also improved. With the new crawler in place and gathering more data than ever, the current crawling queue was not appropriate to handle this amount of data. The first methodology, which was to increase the hardware capability was not sufficient anymore. Due to this, a more efficient crawling queue was created.

Seeding: SEMrush has provided the crawler with a great initial seeding by queuing up all the top 100 URLs for 450 million keywords from Google results. This ensures that the database created is relevant from ground up.

Storage: The storage capability has also increased to accommodate the increase amount of data. In fact, the company claims that they have quadruple their previous server size.

What all of this essentially means is SEMrush has improved their weakest feature and completely overhauled its capabilities. With the new and bigger database, it has become more relevant and can provide more accurate information in terms of backlinks. Moreover, as mentioned by SEMrush, people have already witnessed results to be more accurate, with even more quality backlinks being tracked by the tool.

SEMrush provides their complete SEO set of tools starting at $99 a month, with a 7-day money back guarantee.

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