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by Carter Toni

If you are searching for the Best Instagram Story viewer tools online, then this article is for you. Here, we have listed the 7 Best Free Instagram Story Viewer websites that can help you to watch someone’s Instagram Story without letting them know. We have listed the top seven websites; all are tested and working. You can read the description of these websites given below and choose the best one for you. All of the online tools mentioned below are free to use and work properly.

Free Instagram Story Viewer Tools Online 

Here are the best online tools for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. We have also given a short description of all the tools; you can select any of them according to your choice and requirements. 

1. (FREE)

InstaSave has secured the first position on the list of the best Instagram Story Viewer Websites. InstaSave IG Story Viewer is free to use and allows you to anonymously view and download Stories and Highlights. This online tool is fully secured, and it does not ask for a subscription or registration. The best part about InstaSave is its clean and organized user interface. The homepage is designed with attractive color in a way that anyone can use it without any difficulty. The tool does not ask you to register an account. You can view someone’s IG Story anonymously with just four steps, given below.

How to Use InstaSave Instagram Story Viewer to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

  1. Firstly, visit from any browser on your device.
  2. Enter the username without ‘@’ in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the Submit button.
  4. And now you can see the Stories of that profile.


Another website from the list is It is also on the list because this tool lets you see IG stories anonymously for free. However, there is no security feature provided like InstaSave, but it also allows you to download someone’s Instagram Stories. And to use this tool, you don’t even need to register your account. Just visit the website, enter the username, and you are all done.


Here comes the third-best Instagram Story Viewer website that is Similar to the previous two websites, it allows you to see IG Stories anonymously. And you can also download the IG Stories with doesn’t ask for account registration to use its services.


Now, the fourth website that you can use to watch someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously, Along with profiles, DUMPOR allows you to search for hashtags and locations. Not only this, but you can download the content of Instagram with this website. DUMPOR allows you to analyze profiles, followers, likes, and comments for free. However, similar to, there is no security feature DUMPOR claims to provide. 


Now, the fifth name from the list, It is also one of the top best Instagram Story Viewer websites. Similar to other Free Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer websites, also allows you to view and download IG Stories anonymously. And it does not ask users to register an account or Sign-up to enjoy its services. 


If you are searching for the best Free IG Story viewer tools, you can also try It is also on the list because it is also a working tool that lets a person see someone’s Instagram Story anonymously. The interface and the features of this website are much similar to DUMPOR. Similar to DUMPOR, you can search for profiles, tags, and locations. And, you can analyze profiles, followers, likes, and comments too. 


Now, last but not least, Anon IF Viewer is also one of the best online IF Story viewer tools that let you watch Instagram Stories anonymously for free. You don’t need to register your account on the website; you just have to visit the website and search for the profile whose Story you want to watch. You can also download the Stories with Anon IG Viewer and save them to your device to watch them later. 


Does Instagram Story viewer work? 

Instagram Story viewers are the tools that help you to view someone’s Instagram Story anonymously. But you will have to find a working Instagram Story Viewer tool for the same. We will recommend you to use InstaSave because it is free to use, safe, and offers a lot of features like downloading Stories anonymously and more. 

Can I view an Instagram story anonymously? 

Yes, you can view an Instagram Story anonymously; you can do it by using an Instagram Story Viewer tool like is a free Instagram Story viewer tool that lets you watch Instagram Stories anonymously and download them. 

What is an anonymous story viewer? 

Anonymous Story Viewer tools are those tools that let a person view someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously. With these tools, you can view someone’s Instagram Stories without letting them know. InstaSave is the most recommended Instagram Story viewer tool because it is free and safe to use. 

How can I watch someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing? 

You can watch someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing by using IG Story Viewer tools like InstaSave. InstaSave can help you watch IG Stories anonymously for free. And you can also download someone’s Instagram Story with InstaSave. 


So, these were the seven best Instagram Story viewer websites that you can use for free. All the websites listed above are free to use and can help you to see IG stories without being seen. However, we will recommend you to use InstaSave. It is because it offers full security with its security features that you can not get in other Free Instagram Story Viewer Tools. You can read the description of all the websites above and try one or all of them.

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