Best neurology in Queens: make a choice in favor of health

by Carter Toni

We may have sudden headaches, sharp back pain, or sleep disturbances, no matter how old we are or what lifestyle we lead. What should we do with similar symptoms? The answer is simple — make a visit to a neurologist in NY. A neurologist is a specialist who has a medical degree and whose specialty is neurology. The main task of this professional is to carry out diagnostics, treatment and preventive measures in relation to diseases of the central, peripheral nervous system, as well as a number of problems with the motor apparatus.

make a choice in favor of health

What exactly does neuroscience institute treat?

A specialist of neurology Queens at a professional level cures:

  • Disorders provoked by genetic diseases.
  • Neurological disorders caused by hypoxia or other complications of the perinatal period.
  • Problems resulting from the transferred meningitis.
  • Deviations caused by trauma to the brain or spinal cord.
  • Problems arising in osteochondrosis and osteoporosis.

Professionals of Queens hospital center neurology also diagnose and treat disorders, genetic violations, complications after childbirth (hypoxia), inflammatory processes, mechanical injuries, dystrophy of the extremities, pathology of the spinal region, cartilage and joints.

Neurology Queens for children and adults

Adults should contact neurology Queens NY if they experience:

  • headaches and migraines;
  • sciatica;
  • compression of the ulnar nerve;
  • vertebrobasilar insufficiency;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • paralysis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • either Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

According to the neuroscience institute, a headache is a symptom of more than 50 disorders, and only an experienced neurologist can establish the true cause of this ailment. We often drown out the symptoms — pain and discomfort, forgetting that the root of the illness lies in its cause. This is why self-medication can be dangerous.

There is also a list of pathologies that a pediatric neurologist treats in children:

  • genetic diseases (for example, Down syndrome);
  • consequences of infectious diseases (encephalitis, meningitis);
  • violations that appeared as a result of serious toxic lesions;
  • disorders that have arisen in the baby after injury during childbirth of the brain or spinal cord.

Remember that a timely visit to a professional is a guarantee of the happy and healthy future of your baby!

Neurology Queens NY: diagnosis and treatment

At Queens hospital center neurology reception the doctor examines the existing medical history of the patient and clarifies the complaints. The neurologist needs this information in order to identify the connection between certain stimuli.Then the doctor makes an external examination and assesses the unconditioned reflexes. The next step is carrying out specific tests that can confirm or deny problems with swallowing/vision, including:

  • CT scan;
  • MRI;
  • echoencephalography;
  • positron emission tomography;
  • cerebral angiography;
  • PVR testing;
  • ultrasound examination.

Depending on the specific disease, a specialist of neurology Queens may prescribe the following ways of treatment:

  • massages;
  • physiotherapy, as well as acupuncture;
  • manual therapy;
  • traction therapy;
  • biofeedback method.

In some cases (with epilepsy, concussion and vascular disorders), only one method of influencing the problem may be sufficient, either medicines or a surgery. Experienced professionals of neurology Queens NY will help you get rid of the painful symptoms of a disease of the nervous system. If you have a systematic headache, do not rely on pain relievers. Contact the doctor who will be able to identify the problem and select an effective treatment as soon as possible!

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