Top 7 In-Demand Medical Specialties for 2024

by Carter Toni

The medical field is set for progressive growth over the next several decades. With a large percentage of the population aging into retirement, and even more entering the workplace, the need for medical services will only increase. Here are some of the top medical specialties set to increase in demand in 2024.

ER Doctor

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Accidents always happen and a doctor who can bring their specialized bank of knowledge to bear will be especially valuable. Specialists working in the field of emergency medicine are in more demand than ever, especially in high-traffic areas. The average emergency medicine salary ranges from $225 – $350 per hour depending on location.


A certified registered nurse anesthetist provides an irreplaceable service for patients during their surgical procedures. These advanced registered nurses manage patient anesthesia care during and after their surgical procedures. Average rates for this specialty start at around $120k per year.

Respiratory Therapist

Oxygen is essential for all life, and respiratory therapists play a critical role in patients needing help breathing. These specialists work with patients of all age ranges starting from infants to the elderly. They also analyze samples, educate patients on lung disorders, and even help with patient testing and evaluation. The expected salary for a specialist in this field averages around $89k per year.


These specialists are tasked with treating disorders of the bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic system. They work in a variety of locations ranging from private clinics to government laboratories. In 2024, the average rate for a hematologist falls just over $200k per year. With so many new diseases and treatments emerging each year, this specialty has a high growth potential.


Though a pharmacist doesn’t diagnose a patient directly, it is a specialized form of medicine that has amazing growth potential. They dispense prescriptions, check for drug interactions, and instruct patients on proper drug usage. The median wage in the US is around $125k per year with an estimated 3% in annual growth.

Orthodontic Specialist

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Dentists will always be in demand and the new technologies and advancements in oral healthcare have simply increased demand. As dental technology improves, the need for skilled orthodontic specialists and dental practitioners is set to rise over the next several decades. For those considering a career in the medical field in 2024, orthodontics is a smart choice.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

In the use, OB/GYN specialists make an average of $125 per hour, or just under $450k per year. With feminine care and prenatal care at an all-time high, the career growth potential in this field has never been higher. Though compensation packages depend on experience, location, and patient demand, ob/gyn’s remain the highest-paid specialists in the US alone.

The Bottom Line

The medical field offers a lot of room for career growth. The list above is a great place to start if you are considering entering the field or narrowing down your choice of specialties. Whatever you choose, make sure to check the current compensation rates within your target city to ensure they align with your desired salary demands.

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