Best Practices for Secure Data Center Decommissioning & Reduction in the Total Cost of IT Assets!

by Glenn Maxwell

A  data breach can cause immeasurable damage to a brand’s reputation and could potentially lead to legal and regulatory penalties and/or fines that result when data falls into the wrong hands.   Therefore, it is essential that Data Centers make certain that secure data center decommissioning occurs.

By partnering with a reputable IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, you can be assured that all of your IT assets are wiped clean of any and all data and will pass any security audit.  OceanTech, a leader in the ITAD industry, provides superior expertise in mitigating our clients’ risk by eliminating environmental liabilities and ensuring complete data security. Our IT asset disposal procedures follow very strict processes to increase your level of security and lower any potential risk, nearly eliminating the possibility of a security breach.

In addition, choosing the right partner ITAD partner will ensure you receive the maximum return on any IT assets that still hold value.  (OceanTech does this by determining the maximum value recovery of all your retired assets allowing us to pay you more for them).

 Let’s take a deeper look at some of the ways a data center can achieve fully secure decommissioning services while untapping into extra revenue.

  • Use a data sanitization platform with agent-based architecture that can wipe hard drives and other data containing devices. For example, OceanTech’s Destruction on Demand service is the industry’s most versatile on-site data destruction solution.  OceanTech is dedicated to protecting your data, including your client’s data with our secure chain of custody from the moment we take control of your equipment through the transport of equipment back to our facility.  Our certified data destruction process ensures that all retired assets are wiped clean and all information is virtually eliminated. Our methods are fast, secure and tamper proof.

·        Decommissioning should begin with a complete audit of your equipment and every asset should be tracked every step of the way.  Each piece of equipment removed should be logged with its corresponding make, model and serial number during dismantling.  The equipment should be secured with a tamper-evident seal before being placed in an GPS monitored vehicle.

OceanTech will track and catalog your assets throughout the entire data center decommissioning process.  Once the data destruction has been successfully completed, we will issue a Certificate of Data Destruction that details the make, model, and serial number of each asset that has been secured, sanitized or destroyed.

Upon arrival of your equipment at an OceanTech facility, our secure client portal will give you the ability to monitor and track all of your assets.  This custom reporting and tracking system will give you peace of mind by ensuring full accountability of your assets from pick-up to completion.

  • When it comes to revenue, it’s important to maximize the lifetime of IT hardware value across the data center. To achieve this, you should work with an ITAD provider that can manage all your hardware decommissioning needs while optimizing the total cost of assets to achieve significant value recovery.

At OceanTech we ensure that any equipment that still holds market value will be cataloged for reimbursements, sanitized of all data, reset to factory default settings and returned to grade-A condition to guarantee the best possible resale rate. Once refurbished, our expert sales team works within our exceptional network of trusted consumers to ensure your equipment is sold to the best end-user, or IT hardware broker, for maximum return on your assets.

By following these steps, data center operators can eliminate the risk of data exposure and avoid costly data breaches while they tap into hidden sources of revenue.

For more information on how to ensure fully secure data center hardware decommissioning, contact us at

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